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Wineemotion Develops Four Bottle Wine Dispenser for Home or Commercial Use

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Wineemotion™, the next generation of wine dispensing & preservation technology has done it again. The wine dispensing brand known for blending hi-tech features with sleek aesthetic design released to the public the QUATTRO by Wineemotion™.

The QUATTRO is part of the SERIES 2 line of wine dispensing systems aimed to blend the gaps between the Commercial and Home markets. The QUATTRO will still use the same commercial components that give WineEmotion™ its ability to withstand the rigors of high volume service while in a more compact, easy to install design perfect for Home use.

“Our team in Italy wanted to get this system right like all the systems before,” says WineEmotion™ USA President Roberto Rinaldini. “For quite some time we were bombarded with requests for a four bottle home unit. We could have quickly created one and pushed it to market but, like all our systems, we were careful about product development and waited until we had the most complete system perfect for Home and Commercial use.”

And here it is…

The QUATTRO by WineEmotion has two models, Refrigerated and Ambient Temperature. Amongst those two models, users will be able to choose from many cutting edge features like a Split Zone, to store and serve both White and Red wines at ideal temperatures or an External Gas Tank system versus an Internal Gas Cartridge system (Internal Gas Cartridge System is not recommended for commercial use).

The Internal Gas Cartridge system will be particularly appealing for high end home designers because of the ease of installation characteristics. A special Argon Gas Cartridge will be available through WineEmotion USA for users to order. The cartridge is inserted directly into the unit and operates the preservation feature along with the Three Volume Pour function. The Pistons used to hold each bottle in place are spring loaded as opposed to the normal pneumatic setup in the External Gas Tanks option; this will help cut down on Gas usage, maximizing the lifetime for each cartridge.

The QUATTRO by WineEmotion™ also serves the Commercial market as an entry level system for behind the bar use. Each QUATTRO uses the same WineEmotion™ commercial components found in the SERIES 3 systems along with the easy to use design. Zero interchangeable parts for bottle change outs will eliminate mechanical stress by minimizing moving parts.

The QUATTRO will also satiate the design world. WineEmotion™ kept the concept of “blending fashion with function” in mind while developing the NEW QUATTRO system and it shows. “We recently had a soft release to a large crowd of Hospitality and Residential Design Professionals and the reception was overwhelming. The designers were very pleased to finally have a four bottle home system and/or entry level commercial system that does not sacrifice aesthetics,” recounted Rinaldini about the recent Hospitality Design Show in Miami.

WineEmotion™ wine dispensing and preservation systems are distributed worldwide and available through various Distributors in their respective markets.

Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. is the Master North American importer and distributor of the WineEmotion™ line of wine dispensing systems, available directly through the manufacturer. Formed in 2012, WineEmotion USA is a partnership between WineEmotion S.p.A. co-founders Riccardo Gosi and Fabio Frasi, and Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. President Roberto Rinaldini. For more information or to request a custom installation quote, contact WineEmotion™ USA at 800.671.3317 or online at

About Rinaldini Distribution, Inc.

Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. is an importer and distributor of beverage management and serving systems founded in 2003 by President Roberto Rinaldini. Winner of the California Restaurant Association Innovator Award in 2003, Rinaldini introduced the very first line of wine dispensing machines to the United States in 2003 [Enomatic] and has more than twenty years of consulting experience in the hospitality and beverage industries.