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Meet the Six-Bottles Wine Dispensing System with Double-Glass Door by Wineemotion

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

As one of the most reliable brands for wine dispensing and preservation systems, Wineemotion launches its new addition to its commercial product line. SEI is a wine dispenser and preservation system that is capable of preserving up to six wine bottles for 30 days. The new commercial model’s most intriguing characteristic is the double-glass door.

Original article on Market Watch: Meet the Six-Bottles Wine Dispenser and Preservation System With Double-Glass Door by Wineemotion.

SEI is the first wine dispenser and preservation model from Wineemotion to have the double-glass door. As part of the company’s goals to provide a variety of choices for the hospitality and foodservice industry to enhance their wine-by-the-glass programs, the double-glass door will give the consumers more choices at hand.

“SEI is an exciting addition to Wineemotion as we continue to provide more choices to meet all needs and demands for every wine-by-the-glass program. Besides the Plexiglas option, consumers will now have the option to choose the double-glass door on top of the variety of selection that we are already offering,” explains Roberto Rinaldini, president of Wineemotion USA.

Other than the double-glass door, SEI has the same features and functions as the other products in Wineemotion Series Three which includes the CINQUE, OTTO, and QUATTRO+4. SEI can be used behind the bar or for customer use; and has the following features:

  • Two options: six bottles refrigerated or dual temperature zones for three white and three red.
  • Double-glass door
  • Preservation with food-grade nitrogen or argon gas
  • Three adjustable pour controls
  • LED lighting
  • Bottle-lifting system with spring pistons
  • Cooling system powered by Hitachi with one of the lowest energy consumption
  • LCD display for pricing and general information

Standing by the mission to provide only reliable products with different choices to customize the systems, Wineemotion is continually innovating and developing reliable systems that can serve different demands. Wineemotion is also expecting to soon add the double-glass door option to its existing model, OTTO, as well.

With Wineemotion, consumers have the freedom to choose the options that best fit their needs. The different choices include:

  • Temperature configurations: ambient, refrigerated, or dual zones
  • Bottles positioning: four, five, six, or eight bottles
  • Types of glass panels: Plexiglas or double-glass door
  • Custom finish: matte, orange peel, or glossy
  • Personalized colors
  • Custom serigraph keyboard

An integral part of a profitable wine-by-the-glass program is to reduce waste, over-pouring, and to increase convenience for maximum return on investment. For that reason, many food and beverage programs have incorporated Wineemotion wine dispenser and preservation systems to reach the desired state of operation.

About Wineemotion:

Formed in 2012, Wineemotion USA is a partnership between Wineemotion S.p.A. co-founders Riccardo Gosi and Fabio Frasi, and Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. President Roberto Rinaldini. Wineemotion USA is the American distributor of the wine dispensing and preservation system branded Wineemotion designed and manufactured in Italy by Riccardo Gosi, the renowned creator of modern day wine dispenser and preservation systems.

Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. is the Master North American importer and distributor of the Wineemotion™ line of wine dispensing systems, available directly through the manufacturer.

For more information or to request a custom installation quote, contact Wineemotion™ USA at 949.282.0187 or online at