At Wineemotion USA, we’re not just in the business of selling wine dispensers, we’re in the business of creating lasting wine by the glass experiences for your customers.

With our second-to-none expertise and experience within the restaurant and bar industry, we can help you provide the perfect pour by installing a Wineemotion wine by the glass dispenser while solving any challenges that stand in the way of your business, no matter the scale of your ambition.

Because, whatever business you’re in, we know it’s about more than wine.


To enhance the hospitality industry through specialized by the glass wine systems, software and consulting that aims to help increase sales, reduce overhead, and improve the customer experience.


Wineemotion USA is the official factory master importer and distributor in the US of Wineemotion wine by the glass systems.

Owned and operated by Rinaldini Distribution, our company is specialized in unique beverage hospitality products that aim to maximize profits, reduce waste, and enhance hospitality environments, including restaurants, wine bars, lounges, hotels and resorts, casinos, country clubs, night clubs, airports, stadiums, and residences.

Roberto Rinaldini and his the team are the ones who introduced the first-generation automated Enomatic system and wine card concept in the US market nearly 20 years ago. No other company shares the same experience and expertise in by the glass wine dispensers.

What’s in a Name?

WineEmotion is more than just a name. WineEmotion perfectly symbolizes the connection between Wine and mental euphoria.
The brand name "WineEmotion" likely draws its inspiration from the wide range of emotions that wine can evoke in people's lives. Wine is not just a beverage; it's often associated with socializing, celebration, relaxation, and even nostalgia. Here's a breakdown of how the brand name might reflect these emotions:
Wine and mental euphoria
Vertical Logo WineEmotion
Wine as a Social Catalyst: Wine has a long history of bringing people together. It's often enjoyed during gatherings, parties, and intimate dinners. The name "WineEmotion" could signify the social connections and camaraderie that wine facilitates.
Celebration and Joy: Wine is commonly associated with celebrations and special occasions. Whether it's toasting a wedding, a promotion, or any other milestone, wine often accompanies moments of joy and celebration. The brand name might evoke the happiness and euphoria associated with these events.
Relaxation and Comfort: For many, a glass of wine is synonymous with relaxation and unwinding after a long day. The name could evoke feelings of comfort, coziness, and tranquility that people experience when enjoying a glass of their favorite wine.
Sensory Pleasure: Wine appreciation often involves an exploration of the senses, including taste, smell, and even sight. The name "WineEmotion" might suggest the sensory delight and pleasure that wine enthusiasts experience when savoring different varieties and vintages.
Cultural and Emotional Connections: Wine is deeply intertwined with culture, tradition, and heritage in many parts of the world. The name could reflect the emotional connections people have with wine, whether it's a nostalgic reminiscence of a trip to a vineyard or a cherished family tradition.
Overall, "WineEmotion" likely encapsulates the multifaceted emotional experiences associated with wine, from joy and celebration to relaxation and cultural appreciation. It's a name that speaks to the deeper connections and feelings that wine enthusiasts have toward this beloved beverage.


Masterful design. Reliable performance. State-of-the-art innovation. American Engineered, Italian Handcrafted. Wineemotion has been recognized by owners and operators around the world as the most trusted brand for top-quality, high-volume, commercial wine dispensing systems. Industry professionals choose Wineemotion dispensers to serve the freshest wine by the glass every single day.


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