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Wineemotion Unveils New Quattro Model

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Last week at the NRA Show 2016 that took place at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, Wineemotion has revealed our anticipated new version of QUATTRO wine dispensing and preservation model.


Committed to creating the best wine dispensing and preservation system that perfectly blends fashion with function, Wineemotion has improved the look of one of our most popular model: QUATTRO. With the new design, we promise an even more stunning display for wine that is ideal for any commercial setting or residential at entry-level pricing.

NRA Show attendees loved the new look of the model and were fascinated by our other models as well which includes: CINQUE, OTTO, and QUATTRO +4.


Our participation in this year’s NRA Show was a great success for us. It was a great pleasure meeting and connecting with new prospects. We definitely had a great time showcasing our innovation and helping our new customers find the best solution to implement a wine-by-the-glass program into their business plan to reduce wine spoilage, minimize waste, and grow profits.

With its success over the years, Wineemotion has become the most reliable wine dispensing and preservation systems in America and worldwide. Now serving over thousands of venues internationally, Wineemotion systems has been highly rated and certified by many professionals as well as sommeliers across the globe for its superior quality and performance.

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