Commercial Wine Dispensers

The Dispensers

A Wine Dispenser is an automated, temperature-controlled equipment used to serve and preserve wines at the perfect temperature. Wine Dispensers can hold multiple bottles of wine within one system, and offer different pour control settings. Wine dispensers are most commonly used in restaurants, bars, wineries, lounges, clubs and tasting rooms to prevent spoilage and waste when selling wine by the glass. With software, wine dispensers can also be used by customers directly using smart cards.
How does a wine dispenser work?
Through the use of Argon or Nitrogen gas, wine dispensers preserve wine for 30+ days and can serve wine by the glass in three precise volumes. Generally, the portions are set by the taste, half glass, and full glass.
Why is Wineemotion® the right choice?
We understand buying a Wine dispenser is an important and qualifying decision for a business. Here’s what sets us apart:

Inspiring design. Reliable performance. State-of-the-art innovation. American Engineered, Italian Handcrafted. Wineemotion® has been recognized by owners and operators around the world as the most trusted brand for top-quality, high-volume, commercial wine dispensing systems. Industry professionals choose Wineemotion dispensers to serve the freshest wine by the glass every single day.
How long can I preserve wine in the wine dispenser?
Uncorked bottles can be preserved for 30+ days without altering the organoleptic elements of the wine such as taste, flavor, aroma, body, consistency and color of the wine. Wineemotion’s preservation is certified by numerous organizations including the Napa Valley Wine Academy.
What is a whiskey dispenser?
Similar to our Wine Dispensers & Wine Preservation Systems, we’ve also developed a Whiskey Dispenser for your club, bar, or liquor store. Our 7-bottle Whiskey Dispenser was created for the purpose of serving Whiskies, Bourbons and other premium spirits.
Can customers steal bottles from the wine dispenser?
All Wineemotion units come with standard key locks on the front door/s or panel. Additionally, the bottles are sealed with high pressure pressure against the built-in tap and securely locked into place.
Can I serve Champagne in the wine dispenser?
Wine dispensers do not have the ability to serve and preserve champagne, beer or other sparkling beverages. To preserve the Perlage of sparkling wines, CO2 is required in addition to Argon. Naturally effervescent wines like Moscato are fine however.
How long does it take to replace bottles in a wine dispenser?
With Wineemotion wine dispensers, bottle changing is 100% hassle free and can be done in less than 20 seconds!
What size bottles can I use?
Thanks to our Lift-Tech® pistons, all of our systems can accommodate bottles from 375 ml up to 1 liter bottles and some magnums. That includes long neck bottles, sake, and even spirits or whiskey.
Are your wine dispensers customizable?
YES! All Wineemotion wine dispensers come standard in stainless steel finish however you may choose any RAL color in either Matte or Gloss finish as an optional feature.
Are your wine dispensers certified?
All our products are ETL and ETL Sanitation certified which conforms to UL® and NSF® as per OSHA requirements.
What can Wineemotion® do for me?
The main goal of the Wineemotion® dispenser is to increase profits while minimizing the losses, let’s see how:
It reduces waste by using pre-set portions.
Reduce overhead costs such as labor and waste.
Increase the profits by rising the wine variety served by the glass, also including high end wines without worrying about spoilage or theft.
Wineemotion allows owners to keep track of all of the transactions and statistics thanks to the Wineidea software.
Attract more passionate and wine savvy customers, always looking for the latest novelties in the wine world.
Is a wine dispenser the same as a wine preservation system?
All our Wineemotion® dispensers serve as preservation systems too. They are certified to preserve wine for 30+ days from the time the bottle is uncorked.
What are the main applications for wine dispenser?
Wine dispensers are ideal for applications in bars, restaurants, hotels, lounges, country clubs, airport clubs, amenity centers, condominiums, stadiums, grocery stores, wine shoppes, theaters, and homes.
What is a card activated wine dispenser?
Through the use of activation or “dispensing” cards, our wine dispensers are enabled to dispense once the card is inserted. This serves as a security feature for owners and ensures that no wine is being served after business hours. In other words, without the activation card, the machine is locked.
Can I use a wine dispenser in my home?
Yes! Even if our smallest unit 4 bottle is for commercial use, yes, you can certainly use a wine dispenser in your home. Although we specialize in commercial dispensers, our Series 2, Professional Grade, Dispenser System with 4-bottles is ideal for home or residential use. The most popular version is the Quattro Dual Zone for 2 white and 2 red wines.
What is the temperature range for our dispensers?
Refrigerated units (and dual temperature) can range from 42ºF to 70ºF.


Can Wineemotion systems be used for Customers Use?
Yes, all Series 3 Wineemotion Wine Dispensing and Preservation systems can be linked to the WineIdea Software to enable the customers use or staff reporting capability.
Does the software package need to be included in the original order?
No, the software package and self-serve capabilities can be added at anytime and is compatible with any existing Wineemotion Series 3 Model.
What are the requirements for the software?
Internet and a Windows based PC or Tablet. The dispensers can be linked to internet with a CAT 5 cable or Wi-Fi, although CAT5 is preferred to ensure the most reliable connection.
What happens if a customer loses their wine card?
No problem! If the wine card (prepaid or open tab) is linked to a profile, an attendant can terminate the lost card in our software and issue a new card. All credits or consumption history will be passed onto the new card.
Can you integrate your wine dispensers with POS, Hotel Room Keys, etc?
Absolutely! We have existing and ready to go integrations with POS, PMS, Hotel Room Keys systems, Self-Serve Beer systems, Barcodes and more. In addition, our team can assist in the development of custom interfaces with any POS or third party system.
Where do I purchase wine cards?
Cards must be purchased directly from us.
Are the wine cards reusable?
Yes! Our smart cards are fully recyclable in the sense that they can be terminated and re-issued to other customers an infinite amount of times.


What type of cleaning is required on your wine dispenser?
Cleaning for the wine dispenser is divided into two categories:
Light daily cleaning which involves soaking every spout in warm water for a few seconds and general cosmetic cleaning of the wine dispenser with stainless steel cleaner, same quick process used for the beer-spouts.
Monthly sanitation, this involves flushing every bottle position with a sanitizer fluid and hot water. Each dispenser keeps track of the sanitation cycles and informs you when it is time to perform the next sanitation.
What kind of inert gas does your wine dispenser use?
Argon or Nitrogen as long as they Food Grade. We recommend Argon as it is heavier and ensures greater preservation in the long term compared to Nitrogen.
What size are the gas tanks?
Gas tanks vary from 21CuFt to 337 Cuft. They range in height from 14” to 60”.
Do you provide the argon gas?
We are not in the business of supplying gas tanks, you can purchase or rent tanks in your area from PraxAir, AirGas, Matheson or other local suppliers. It is extremely inexpensive for a customer to purchase directly from a local gas company!
How long will a tank of gas last?
This depends on the number of dispensers and amount of wine dispensed. Typically, a 55 CuFt tank (medium size) will last between 3 to 6 months for an 8-bottle wine dispenser. The national average cost per refill is just $30-$35 per medium size tank.


What are the warranty terms for your wine dispensers?
2 years for all mechanical and electronic components. Up to 5 years with optional extended warranty on parts and labor.
Who installs and services your wine dispensers?
By side of our Wineemotion wine dispensers, we own and operate Bevteks Service specializing in wine dispenser installation, service, and maintenance since 2003.
Do you offer a maintenance plan?
Absolutely! We offer our Preventative Maintenance Care Plan from one of your local technicians.
Do you offer training as part of the installation?
Yes! As a commercial foodservice equipment company, we provide training during the professional installation and setup process. Once training is complete, we also provide our customers useful resources including videos and user manuals to make sure you are maximizing the systems’ full potential.
What happens if our wine dispenser is down? How long will we wait to get you to our location?
Based on our nearly 20-year experience, 95% of issues can be resolved remotely (over the phone, via remote connection to your software). We do offer free unlimited phone support to troubleshoot any issue. If we determine that service is required, we will proceed to dispatch a trained technician.


Models in each product class have a number of options from which you can make your choice.
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