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Bars & Restaurants

Is your establishment struggling with spoilage, overpouring, or serving warm wine? WineEmotion effectively helps operators control costs, serve wine at the ideal temperature, offer flights, and elevate any wine program with more premium options to increase customer experience and satisfaction.
Key Benefits: Consistent Pours, Temperature Control, Faster Service
Average # of Bottle Positions: 8-16
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Wineemotion is the BEST way to serve wine and preserve at the correct temperature in a restaurant.
Master Sommelier / Rajat Parr
Michael Mina Group
The wine machines are a 'huge' hit with our customers!  We received nothing short of excellent reviews due to the styling and sophistication it adds to our space.  Once our customers are walked through the process of interacting with the machines, we just step back and the response has been very positive. 
Ken & Teri Hutchinson / Owner
Vino del Lago Wine Bar

Wine Bars

Create a self-guided wine tasting and sampling space with our modular wine wall design. WineEmotion was developed to provide a fun and interactive experience for guests to discover new wines while maximizing your yield. All the showcased wines are protected against oxidation for 30+ days. Several POS integrations are available for both Pre-Paid and Open Tab cards.

Key Benefits: Improved Service, Cost Efficiency, Fun & Unique Experience
Average # of Bottle Positions: 24 to 80+
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Hotels & Resorts

How do you incorporate seamless service with fun and interactive amenities? WineEmotion is the ideal solution for anywhere on property such as the lobby, lounge, restaurant, or even guest suites.  If for self-service, guests can utilize their Hotel Room Key to dispense wine with our integration developed for Hotels.
Key Benefits: Convenience, Source of Ancillary Revenue, Reduced Staffing
Average # of Bottle Positions: 4-8
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The guests have really been enjoying the Wineemotion system and it has truly added a great WOW factor to our club lounge!
Breandan Aslin / Director of Guest Relations
The Ritz Carlton, Los Angeles
The technology is incredibly amazing! I just had my biggest one day in sales in two years, and I handled it myself thanks to Wineemotion. It was one of the best decisions I made at the winery!
Marlowe Huber / Owner & Winemaker
Laguna Canyon Winery

Wineries & Tasting Rooms

Wineemotion is the ideal companion for any winery or tasting room, allowing staff more time to educate customers and less time pouring samples. An elegant showpiece guaranteed to serve each glass as fresh as the first! Great system to finally offer those Reserve and Vintage labels.
Key Benefits: Waste Reduction, Quality Sampling, Elegant Showcase
Average # of Bottle Positions: 4-16+
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Clubs, Clubhouses & VIP Lounges

Your members demand the best. Their interests in wine are no different. WineEmotion allows staff to consistently and effortlessly dispense premium labels by the ounce for your guests before their next flight or round of golf.
Key Benefits: Consistent Service, More Premium Wines, Beautiful Display
Average # of Bottle Positions: 4-8
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Overall Wineemotion is a great machine, easy to work with and dependable. We are proud to have this unique system.
Rodrick Oliver / General Manager
The Centurion Lounge by AMEX SFO
Our stores have nothing but a positive response in terms of marketing and consumer experiences. You have made the machine incredibly simple to operate.
Mike Poremski / Regional Sales Manager
Twin Liquors

Retail & Grocery Stores

Shoppers are often apprehensive to purchase a more expensive wine for fear of not getting the value they hoped for. Incorporate a WineEmotion dispenser and let customers “try before they buy” with the pre-programmed 1/2 ounce tasting feature and they will confidently upgrade their wine choice. With Bartender by WineEmotion you can let customers try whiskies and spirits too!
Key Benefits: Try Before You Buy, Measured Pours, Sleek Display for Featured Wines
Average # of Bottle Positions: 4-16+
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Amenity & Entertainment Venues

Beverage choices at stadiums, casinos, and theaters do not need to be limited to beer and soda, with a wine dispenser by Wineemotion fans can improve their game day experience by enjoying quality wines while cheering on their favorite teams. Operators benefit as well by saving time and money with consistent pours and no waste. A Win-Win situation!

Key Benefits: Serve Fresh Wine, No Wait Time, Added Control
Average # of Bottle Positions: 4-8
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We’ve been using the machine for a few months now. First of all, I love it! Beautiful machine, and we’ve had the privilege of pouring some incredible wines by the glass.
Benjamin Pugh / Wine Director
Boundary Social Club

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