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For over 10 years, our team has consulted for the Hospitality Industry contributing to our customers’ growth. Our dynamic network of industry leaders provide our team with the resources necessary to stay current with best practices, technology and trends. How can we help you grow your wine program today?

Project Management

Our process driven approach makes sure that every customer’s unique situation is thoroughly managed. From Planning to post-installation training and assistance our team of professionals guide you through every step of the project. For us, the project does not stop once the wine is flowing. Our industry leading warranty program is just one example of our commitment to our clients far beyond the sale. Every project starts with step one. How can we help you get started?

Design & Integration

Let us help starting with step one, Design and Integration. Our team is highly experienced in working directly with General Contractors, Electricians, Architects, etc… Our customizable dispensers can be tailored to all your interior design needs and open up your design possibilities. Modern, rustic, uniquely you, how do you want to design your next program?

Installation Team

Our factory trained professionals’ experience reaches all the way back to the creation of the first wine dispensing system. Large to small scale installations, there isn’t a scenario our team has not seen. We are highly trained and committed to quality service.

Customer Service

Each of our Customer Service Team members is trained and equipped with the tools to help with all you service needs. Available long before and after normal business hours, our team is ready at the moment you need us. Every situation is unique, if the specific team member is unable to fully satisfy your needs, we will make sure to connect you with the proper team member who will. How can we improve your situation today?

Maintenance & Repair Services

We partnered with certified Beverage Equipment Technicians to provide you the best support and experience. Bevteks offers installation, maintenance, and repairs on modern day beverage equipments and commercial appliances. Its technicians specialize in Wine Dispensing Systems.

For technical support, please directly contact our technical expert, Bevteks, at 800.757.9041 or at service@bevteks.com.

Please visit bevteks.com for more information.

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