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World's Most Trusted Wine Dispensing and Preservation Systems

Stunning Elegant Design

Made In Italy

Certified Quality

ETL Certified with the Highest Standard of Hygiene

Sommelier Tested

Flavor, Aroma, Color, Consistency

Cutting Edge Technology

Proudly Serve Over Thousands of Venues Worldwide

Serve with Confidence

Custom Tailored Features for All Applications

Wine Creates Emotion

Ideal for: Hotel | Restaurants | Wine Bars |
Retail | Home | and much more...

Management Software

Conveniently Manage Pricing, Display, Lightning, and much more...

Bartender Whiskey Dispenser

Revolutionize Your Whiskey Serving

The WineEmotion Advantage

GROW ROI by Eliminating spoilage and over-pouring while displaying your wine by the glass selections in a sleek, artisan designed wine dispenser & preservation system by WineEmotion. The ONLY brand that successfully blends fashion with function.

Client Experience

We can tell you about our systems or let our clients explain why they love our wine dispensing & preservation systems. With over 1,000 users, WineEmotion has been tried, tested and approved by industry professionals across the globe.

More Than Just a Wine Dispenser

Each WineEmotion wine dispenser is designed to not only preserve and serve wine in precise volumes, but also act as a beautiful display for the wines. So much of the wine selection process depends on the actual presentation of the bottle. WineEmotion displays 100% of each bottle under LED accent lighting.

For the Truest Wine Enthusiast

What would be better than opening your favorite bottle of wine and enjoying at your own leisure? No more hurrying to finish before oxidation sets in. The QUATTRO by WineEmotion is the perfect wine dispensing system for the home of any wine enthusiast.

Wine dispensers by Wineemotion™ USA are the perfect complement to any wine-by-the-glass program. Wineemotion™ is the creation of Riccardo Gosi, the internationally renowned creator of modern day wine dispensing systems that have transformed how wine is sold and served worldwide since 2003. Our patented wine dispenser technology eliminates cross aromatic contamination, preserves wine for over 30 days and increases profit by optimizing your wine-by-the-glass program.

Each Wineemotion wine dispenser is completely certified in accordance with Safety and Hygiene standards.