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A Wineemotion Case Study with Laguna Canyon Winery

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Photo by Wineemotion USA


Laguna Canyon Winery is Orange County’s 1st urban winery established in 2003. These award-winning wines have been specially handcrafted by Laguna Canyon Winery, a family-owned exclusive boutique winery located in Laguna Beach. Premium grapes are selected from small, low-yield vineyards in Napa and Sonoma Valleys, ensuring taste, quality and flavor achieved only by producers who personally tend their vines and handpick their fruit.

Laguna Canyon’s proprietor and winemaker Marlowe J. Huber began to craft his own style and win prestigious awards under the mentorship of Gianni Seminari, oenologist and wine master from the University of Milan, Italy. That led to his first winery in the Vancouver area in 1993, then built a second with his family in 1996. Wanting to be near the famous vineyards of California, Marlowe made preparations to build a third winery in Laguna Canyon, naming the winery after the picturesque divide that separates Laguna Beach from the inland sprawl of Orange County. True to the Canadian urban winery concept, grapes are shipped from the Napa and Sonoma Valley vineyards to the Laguna Canyon for processing.

Continuing his wine science education from UC Davis professor, “Clark Smith”, Marlowe’s style has evolved over the years and his philosophy of “blending is better” adds layers of complexity to all of his wines. Each year the winery has been awarded prestigious medals from the OC Fair Commercial Wine Competition, the largest competition of California made wines in the world.



Serving a vast selection of award-winning wines, Laguna Canyon Winery was searching for ways to adapt their business model in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic to come out safer and stronger than ever before.

The objective was to create a safe revenue model by reducing overhead costs, assuring the safety of their employees and customers, and lastly to enhance the wine tasting experience by allowing patrons to taste a large variety of labels and varieties.

Huber, who had researched the Wineemotion Wine Dispensing and Preservation systems in the past, reached out to Wineemotion for a demo on how a wine dispensing and preservation system could add value to his business, solve his challenges, and offer an improved experience for their patrons and wine club members.

To assist with their current challenges, Wineemotion worked with Laguna Canyon Winery to find the optimal solution for their needs, resulting in a 20-bottle system with (4x) Wineemotion Cinque models for 15 red wines and 5 white and rose wines.

The Wineemotion technology has not only given management complete control over their wine program’s loss factors and quality control, but allows customer to employee contact to be limited with easy self-service in the days of social distancing.


Huber calls Wineemotion one of the best decisions I made at the winery! Customers are attracted by the sleek and contemporary design and love the new wine tasting experience at Laguna Canyon Winery.

Just two weeks after Laguna Canyon installed the Wineemotion systems, Huber states “the winery had its biggest one day in sales in over two years thanks to Wineemotion. Better yet, I handled it all myself because of the awesome self-serve tasting machines.”

The system’s self-serve wine card functionality frees Huber from pouring wines to focus on other areas of his business such as communicating and interacting with the guests and members about the wines, the club and the winery. Huber calls it a “Win-Win!”


Huber mentions that the experience with delivery and installation were all positive and ahead of time. The Bevteks technicians were friendly, insightful  and very quick to follow up with my few IT related requests. The machines are easy to use, the software is intuitive and bottle changes couldn’t be more simple.

“The technology is incredibly amazing and anyone who is considering purchasing them should purchase them immediately “. Overall, Wineemotion allows Huber to run his operations smoothly, while providing a fun and unique experience for patrons and wine club members.


As the benchmark in wine serving and preservation systems, Wineemotion™ is the only line of dispensers featuring patented ISOL-PLUS™ Total Isolation Technology, perfecting wine sold by the glass. Retailers, wineries, wine bars and restaurants alike have the ability to drive high-end wine sales with greater confidence through better preservation technology.

Wineemotion wine serving technology has been recognized by owners and operators around the world as the most trusted brand for top-quality, high-volume, commercial wine dispensing systems. Industry professionals choose Wineemotion dispensers to serve the freshest wine by the glass every single day.

In today’s age, Wineemotion Technology not only gives management complete control over their wine program’s loss factors and quality control, but allows customer to employee contact to be limited with easy self-service. Call Now to find out how Wineemotion can get you a step ahead of the competition and create a safe revenue model with innovative technology.