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Wineemotion Bowling To Perfection with WOW Factory

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

WOW Factory, located in Southern Florida, is THE place to be for family fun and entertainment. With its fun indoor facilities, kids can go crazy while adults can enjoy wine by the glass poured precisely by our Wineemotion system.

Tom Head, owner of the WOW Factory, created this haven not only for family and friend gatherings, but also for company festivities, such as employee appreciation events, team building, and corporate outings. The Wow Alley Bowling Center had just opened at the end of September 2016. Rather than the typical AMF bowling style, WOW Alley has 10 bowling lanes with an art deco, colorful South Beach style vibe. It also has a craft beer and wine bar. The wine by the glass served by Wow Factory is powered by Wineemotion.  Aside from the bowling lanes, visitors can also relax in a cocktail lounge or play at the pool tables and video arcade. There’s fun for everyone at the Wow Alley – it’s the ULTIMATE party!

Wineemotion is happy to provide Wow Alley with our wine dispensing and preservation system. The OTTO wine system is open to any visitors with key card activation. These wine cards enable the self-serve option, which is perfect for Wow Alley customers so that they have the freedom to fill their glasses whenever necessary rather than idly waiting for an employee for help. This can also improve business efficiency for Wow Factory, since employees can work on other tasks while customers help themselves to another glass of wine.


The software embedded into the system allows Wow Alley customers and employees to monitor wine selections. Users can control their own pour portions, including taste, half-glass, and full glass. As wine enthusiasts, we know that a little bit of wine tasting before pouring a full glass never hurt anybody! The OTTO wine system displays each wine bottle from neck to bottom so that people who pass by can appreciate the beauty of wine bottles. Wow Alley offers 16 different wine by the glass selection powered by two Wineemotion systems. Guests can enjoy eight red wine by the glass served from one machine and eight white or rose from another. Our Wineemotion systems help preserve each flavorful taste of the wines to please your wine craving.

Whether Wow visitors are wine drinkers or not, they walk by the machine filled with curiosity and fascination and will always want to try it. We can’t blame them though – who wouldn’t love to sip on a glass of wine while enjoying the company of family and friends over a game of bowling?

Don’t worry if you don’t get a strike, spare yourself and enjoy an exquisite glass of wine!

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