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Wine Pairings For Your Easter Menu

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

So what’s your special easter menu for this year? Is it rack of lamb or glazed ham? Whatever you are offering to your customers this year, we’re sure it’ll be a feast! But what’s a feast without the wines? Check out our wine pairings recommendation for the most common Easter menu items and discover how to entertain your guests with a wine by the glass experience.

Plate: Glazed Ham


The sweet-and-sour flavor of the glazed ham can be best paired with a glass of Pinot Noir. We would recommend a bottle of Walt’s 2003 La Brisa Pinot Noir. The high acid red wine with a smell of cherry fruit and a little spice will balance out the flavor of this dish which makes it a great complement to the dish.

Plate: Rack of Lamb


Lamb is known to be bold in flavor. Therefore, it makes a Cabernet Sauvignon wine a great option to have along with this strong flavor dish. You can even add this wine to your dish when cooking it.

Wine by the Glass Experience


When you are set with your wine pairings, now it’s the time to focus on improving customer’s experience. If you have more than one kind of wine to offer for pairings with the Easter specialty dish, chances are you will offer your guests with a wonderful list of wine by the glass.

Offering wine by the glass for your customers can increase your customer’s experience, but some restaurants have been holding back from selling wine by the glass. Instead, they settled for purchase by the bottle. The reasons behind this decision have been known to be caused by the fear of losing profits over wine waste and over-pouring. So if you are one of those who is fearing over the same reason, what can you do to have a win-win situation?

Many restaurants have found the solution to stop waste and over-pouring by installing a wine preservation machine or a wine dispenser. While a wine preservation machine can only preserve your wine to reduce waste, it does not stop the over-pouring issue. Also, vice versa for a wine dispenser. A wine dispenser can only stop over-pouring but it cannot stop your wine waste. To enjoy the benefits of both machine, you will need an all-in-one machine. Foodservice operators have turned to wine dispenser and preservation machine that includes all of the features of both machines.

For example, Wineemotion wine dispensing and preservation systems enable foodservice operators to beautifully display their wine bottles, stop over-pouring, and ensure accurate pouring measure for each pour easily. On top of that, the system is an attention-getter which surely will catch your customer’s attention. It’s the perfect balance between wine marketing and wine management. If you want to level up your wine by the glass program, even more, you can also choose to offer your customers with a self-serve option to let them have their own wine tasting experience while choosing their favorite pairing for their Easter meals.

It’s an all-in-one system. You profit and your customers are entertained. That’s a happy Easter we’re aiming for!