Video | Master Sommelier Rajat Parr and WineEmotion: A Good Fit

Often, details like purchase frequency and optimal serving conditions inhibit a Master Sommelier from adding the perfect wine to their by-the-glass program. Wine dispensers, like WineEmotion USA's Quattro+4 free up the restrictions allowing for the professionals to create.

master sommelier rajat parr

About Wineemotion

Wine dispensers by Wineemotion™ USA are the perfect complement to any wine-by-the-glass program. Wineemotion™ is the creation of Riccardo Gosi, the internationally renowned creator of modern day wine dispensing systems that have transformed how wine is sold and served worldwide since 2003. Our patented wine dispenser technology eliminates cross aromatic contamination, preserves wine for over 30 days and increases profit by optimizing your wine-by-the-glass program.

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