Varietal of the Month: Barolo


Step aside, Bordeaux and Burgundy, there’s another bold “B’’ on the block that’s just as big and bad as you are. Say “benvenuto” to the Wine of Kings, Barolo.

This is the most prestigious wine in Italy, coming from Piedmont. Like Barbaresco, it is one of the two most famous wine varietals from this region.

The Nebbiolo grape produces only red wine like we saw last month in the blog of Cabernet Sauvignon.

This fine variety is unique thanks to the weather and the land where it grows up, named “nebbiolo” for fog in Italian very present in this area at autumn make of this old and noble grape variety.

The late harvest of this wine variety, requires a full ripeness to express perfectly, the Nebbiolo is planted in Barolo area, in Italy only, on the south exposure hills on low fertile soil, with limestone marl, sandstone and sand.

The specificity of the Barolo is that you cannot find it all around the world, it’s only an Italian production.


Barolo facts:

⦁ Its fineness is best shown when served at 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Poured at this temperature, the Barolo wines reveal different nose flavors from powered aromas of mature fruits as plum and raspberry or flowers like violet and iris to dark aromas as spicy, smoky notes or wood, licorice and coffee.

⦁ The main features of the Barolo flavors in the mouth are the intensity with powerful tannin and strong acidity.

⦁ Despite its tannic structure, the wine’s fruity flavors of cherry and raspberries, supported with aromas of rose and anise, always seem to shine through.

⦁ This variety has a unique producing and climate area, in Piedmont, Italy, with limestone marl, sandstone land with humid climate with fog in the Autumn.

⦁ Italy is the only Barolo producer but the Nebbiolo grape variety planted to make the Barolo is also present in Mexico, Australia, USA especially in California and different south countries as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay or South Africa.

Barolo pairings:

Thanks to its powerful tannic and fruity flavors, Barolo is perfect to pair with delicate flavors dishes like Italian meat as roast goose, carne cruda which is raw beef or veal prepared at the Piedmontese way like a steak tartare or braised beef in Barolo “Brasato al Barolo” which is appropriate with younger wines with more tannin and acidity will permit to add flavor to the dish. You can also pair it with truffles, risotto with porcini or cheese. Be careful to not pair it with powerful Italian cheeses like Gorgonzola piccante because it would certainly knock the stuffing out of a delicate Barolo.

Must-try Barolo:

2008 Batasiolo Barolo – Piedmont, Italy ($38)
Winemaker Notes: Deep ruby-garnet red that turns brick and red with age. On the nose, the perfume is ethereal and intense, with different notes of spices and dried fruits which offers great finesse. You can also find this finesse to the palate with a good mix between dry, full bodied, imposing, elegant and velvety. This wine is the good pairing for meats with sauces and mature cheeses.


2009 Pio Cesare Barolo – Piedmont, Italy ($59)
Winemaker Notes: At the first view, we noticed deep red color. With an excellent structure and harmony, we found mild tannins and balanced fruit as forest berry backed by dried ginger continue as well with crisp and finely textured mouthfeel.
Pio Cesare goes very well with red meats or medium seasoned cheese.


2012 Barolo La Morra – Altare Elio, Piedmont, Italy ($63)
Winemaker Notes: From a deep ruby red color, and nose notes with complex cherry aromas, spices and liquor. On the mouth, you will feel an incredible richness with juicy tannin and sweet spices. This wine accorded very well with red grilled meal without sauce, lamb, duck or powerful cheese.


2011 Canterno Aldo Barolo Cicala – Piedmont, Italy ($120)
Winemaker Notes: The Barolo Cicala has a beautiful red ruby color with complex plum, liquor and wood aromas on the nose. On the mouth, at the first taste the richness and hard tannins are present before find fruits and mild spices with small smoky wood notes. A perfect pairing for game and grilled red meat.


2011 Bruno Giacosa Barolo Falletto – Piedmont, Italy ($180)
Winemaker Notes: The 2011 Bruno Giacosa Barolo is one of the most balanced and impressive. With intensity and elegancy this opens with alluring aromas of mature black cherry, floral tobacco and spice notes. The smooth, full-bodied palate abounds with freshness raspberry, juicy strawberry and velvety tannins. We also noticed silky textured with incredible depth of fruit and a long finish.
This awesome wine is to store to obtain the finest flavors.


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