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“Point of Pride” – Jamie’s Wine Bar

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Every month, a new venue enters the world of wine by the glass programs. Welcoming the addition of their new Wineemotion wine dispenser is the Wrigley Mansion, a popular venue for weddings and special events located in Phoenix, Arizona. Known as Phoenixs “Point of Pride”, this historic landmark sits on top a hill, offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the mountains and city below. Inside, the mansion houses another visitor favorite, Jamie’s Wine Bar. Wineemotion USA is thrilled to be a part of their story.
Presenting their grand opening November 2016, Jamie’s Wine Bar. Named after current Wrigley Mansion owner Jamie Hormel, the wine bar quickly became an attractive spot for members and visitors to enjoy wine by the glass and “very sultry atmosphere.” (via Wrigley Mansion) With its very own wine bar, patrons have access to 25 premium wines by the glass and 850 premium wines by the bottle. Pouring up to 100,000 bottles of white and red wines annually, the bar offers a fresh tasting experience whether you’re an aficionado or brand new to drinking wines.  

Passionate about providing the best wines for their customers, sommeliers at Jamie’s use Wineemotion wine dispensers to give the guest the experience of enjoying wines that are typically only available by the bottle, in by-the-glass offerings. Jamie’s sommeliers have traveled around the world to advance their knowledge in wine by sampling renowned wine-producing regions, including Italy, France, and Napa/Sonoma Valley, California. Being able to share their diverse tasting experience through a wine by the glass program, keeps it fun and affordable for guest to expand their own palates while discovering tastes from around the globe.


Jamie’s Wine Bar is open to the public to enjoy; no membership is necessary. The elegant yet intimate setting works perfectly with the sleek Wineemotion wine dispenser system set up at the corner of the bar. Utilizing pressurized argon gas to preserve the exquisite taste of each wine for up to 30 days and offering eight different wines at a time, Jamie’s Wine Bar is a special place where guests can savor various wine offerings that are not found anywhere else on the property.  

“It’s been a true labor of love,” said Wrigley Mansion Owner Jamie Hormel. “What we’ve created in the end is something I am very proud of — and something that appeals to our guests who come here to experience something extraordinary.” (via AZ Big Media)

The remarkable addition of a wine by the glass dispensing system paired with exception sommeliers and luxurious environment, make Jamie’s Wine Bar an excellent choice of location for business happy hours, romantic date nights, or pre-dinner talks before heading next door to Geordie’s Steak, (named after Jamie’s late husband Geordie Hormel.) It is truly a point of pride Phoenix and for wine!

-Wineemotion USA