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Best Wine Preservation System for Restaurants in 2024

Last Updated: July 19, 2024

It’s no secret that managing wine storage in a restaurant presents challenges. It involves maintaining the correct temperature and humidity for the bottles while also addressing the aesthetic aspects and organizational layout of the storage area.

Benefits of Implementing Wine Preservation Systems in your Restaurant

Implementing these systems yields numerous advantages:

  • Reduce waste
  • Increase sales
  • Improve the speed of service
  • Serve every glass at the ideal temperature

Many restaurants are forced to throw away large quantities of wine, simply because they don’t have an effective wine management system.

With our WineEmotion wine preservation system, restaurants are able to track their selling with the WineIdea Software. Our clients see an increase in sales when adding the system. 

Types of Wine Preservation Systems for Restaurant

When selecting a preservation system for your restaurant, consider factors like bottle capacity, ease of use, compatibility with various wine types but mostly efficiency of it. Each system has its unique advantages, catering to different restaurant needs 

Vacuum Pumps

A basic system that won’t work miracles. You need one vacuum pumps per bottle, and this device will increase the wine’s shelf-life by a few days at most. In theory, it removes oxygen from the inside of the bottle and limits oxidation. In practice, every time the wine is served, air will enter the bottle so it is not optimal.

Inert Gas Systems

Inert gas systems are the better solution to preserve wine by forming a protective layer between wine and oxygen thanks to its density. These gas are used by the beverage industry to displace oxygen. See visual representation of the inert Argon gas within the wine bottle to prevent oxidation below.


Preservation Capsules

It’s a solution that works for one bottle at a time. Its gas capsules – argon or nitrogen – bind oxygen and prevent oxidation. These capsules have no effect on the other factors influencing wine quality.

Commercial Wine Preservation System

Unlike preservation capsules and all previous types of wine preservation systems, our WineEmotion wine dispenser acts on all factors. 

It preserves quality by inserting inert gases (argon or nitrogen), works for multiple bottles and requires no regular maintenance. The UV tinted thermal glass doors prevents light Exposure. Finally, our wine storage adapted for restaurant keep good temperature due to silent cooling system.

Table comparison Best WIne preservation

Factors Influencing Wine Quality

Oxygen Exposure

Exposure to oxygen contributes to the oxidation of the wine and consequently to the loss of its aromas. 

Temperature Variations

Fluctuations in temperature can accelerate chemical reactions within the wine, leading to undesirable changes. Preservation systems regulate temperatures to maintain wine integrity.

Light Exposure

UV rays can degrade wine quality by causing chemical reactions. Proper preservation shields wines from harmful light exposure.

Choose the Best Wine Preservation System for your Restaurant

According to your needs, you need to ask yourself these questions to choose the right wine preservation system for your restaurant:

  • I want a single-bottle system or a multi-bottle system
  • I want to showcase my wines or just a short-term solution
  • I want it to be used by staff or self-service

Restaurant Self Serve and Back Bar 1

Installation and Maintenance Tips of Wine Preservation Systems

There is no need to worry about installing the WineEmotion wine preservation system, our qualified technicians take care of it and train your staff to use them. We also have resources support and after-sales service available to answered to your questions.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Preserved Wines

Choose a Wine dispenser from WineEmotion USA elevate your bottle programs from entry-level to premium. Your customer can have access to prestigious wines by the glass and count on exceptional quality. Your wines will be showcased and impressed our customers. It’s a marketing tool for your establishment. 

Commercial Wine dispensers for restaurant

This not only enhances accessibility but also ensures that every pour maintains the exceptional quality that defines your restaurant. The accessibility of premium wines by the glass encourages exploration and discovery, inviting patrons to indulge in a diverse range of flavors without committing to a full bottle.


How do restaurants preserve wine?

Restaurants generally store their bottles in wine cellars and use a number of tools to preserve bottles for a few days longer. Our customers are becoming aware of this issue and are using our wine dispenser systems. 

Are these systems suitable for all types of wines?

Our Wine dispenser systems work with red wine, white wine, rose and even with the spirits and liquors. 

Can these systems be customized for small-scale restaurants?

Yes, there are 4-bottle models perfectly adapted for small-scale restaurants, with options to upgrade to 8-bottle machines. We support restaurant projects by proposing suitable models and financing plans.

Are these systems user-friendly for restaurant staff?

Yes, they are very easy to use, changing the bottles is relatively simple and faster. We train the staff to use them.

Do these systems require frequent maintenance?

None, there is only one things to do: changing the Argon gas tanks. (An Argon gas tank can last up to three months).

Are wine preservation systems worth it?

Yes it’s a worthwhile investment that will improve your customer experience, avoid losses and sell more wine.