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WineEmotion Wine Dispensing Systems Aim at Serving Tremendous Whiskey Market Growth

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Spinning off the immense success of Brix, (the wine and spirits retail-bistro in Omaha, Nebraska), WineEmotion™ USA and Dan Matuszek, Founder & CEO of Brix, proudly announce their newest innovative collaboration, this time centered around whiskey. 


The latest creation of Matuszek, Grāne, is a first of its kind, comfortable after-work spot that will blend the growing affinity for whiskeys and craft cocktails with the most modern, small portion whiskey dispensing/sampling technology by WineEmotion USA – all wrapped in the feel and décor of pre- and post-prohibition 1920’s and 30’s.
Grāne marks the second major collaboration between the two brands. “When I first met with Dan in early 2013, I knew immediately his business acumen and passion for Grāne were the perfect traits to connect with WineEmotion and its founder and CEO, Riccardo Gosi,” said Roberto Rinaldini, master distributor of WineEmotion in North America. “It was very apparent from the start that the synergy between the two visionaries would create something exciting.”

Rinaldini and his distribution company, Rinaldini Distribution Inc., provided the wine dispensers for Matuszek’s successful Brix projects and now the WineEmotion factory is working directly with Grāne and Rinaldini Distribution to create a revolutionary whiskey dispensing system to be named, “Bartender.”


Like its wine-focused counterpart, “Bartender” will enhance the customer experience by perfectly measuring sample-sized pours of whiskey at .5oz, 1oz and 1.5oz levels (or any other amounts desired) and dispensing in its ideal form.
The wine dispenser brand is translating their state of the art technology in wine dispensing and preservation to service a whole new fast-growing market.
When the partnership was first suggested by Rinaldini, WineEmotion creator and President Riccardo Gosi, was excited to learn more. “Grāne is a fantastic concept that sees our dispensers partner, once again, with a great brand. I am flattered to work with Dan. He is a professional businessman who really knows what to do. It is for that reason, WineEmotion provided the support for such an innovative project, and I am convinced that this concept will grow rapidly.”


When asked about the exciting concept and partnership with WineEmotion, Matuszek commented, “The timing was right for someone to step in and create a unique brand around the tremendous growth of whiskey here in Omaha, throughout the U.S. and around the world. We felt we had an advantageous position given our experience with dispensing wine and our strong relationship with WineEmotion USA and its global parent company in Tuscany, Italy.” (Matuszek’s Brix at Midtown Crossing was the first to install WineEmotion equipment in the U.S. and currently has one of the largest installations in North America.)

In addition to its whiskeys and craft cocktails, Grāne will offer selections of whiskey-inspired draught beer on tap, wine by the glass and a small appetizer menu. Customers will also be able to purchase any of the sampled whiskeys from Grāne’s off-premise retail section.
Grāne is located at the award-winning Midtown Crossing residential and retail center in the historic midtown Omaha. The area is currently experiencing a revival with the help of luxury condos, fabulous restaurants, unique shopping, and energized community events.

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About WineEmotion USA

WineEmotion is the next generation of wine dispensing and preservation systems created to enhance the passion and experience of fine wine through research and technology. Created by Enomatic inventor and founder Riccardo Gosi, WineEmotion is the latest advancement of Gosi’s original world-renowned design. WineEmotion advances how wine is sold and served by eliminating spoilage, perfectly measuring pours, and serving at precise temperatures to enhance the customer experience while driving profits for business owners as a marketing and management tool.
WineEmotion USA is the exclusive U.S. importer of the WineEmotion line of wine dispensing systems, available directly through the manufacturer. Formed in 2012, WineEmotion USA is a partnership between WineEmotion S.p.A. and Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. For more information, contact WineEmotion USA at 800.671.3317 or online at