WineEmotion USA Expands Product Line with Launch of Series 4 Pro and Series 4 Standard.

"delivering a game-changing cooling system and breakthrough software integrations"

IRVINE, CA, March 22, 2022 WINEEMOTION, the market leader in commercial wine dispensing and preservation technology, announces the launch of the Series 4 Pro and Standard line of products in the United States. The latest generation of the world’s best wine dispenser is now available nationwide.

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“Whether it’s a neighborhood restaurant, a self-serve wine bar or a global hotel chain, operators and patrons alike love WineEmotion for its ability to showcase, preserve and consistently serve fresh wine by the taste or glass without waste,” said Niccolo Rinaldini, WineEmotion USA’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With the breakthrough Series 4 enhancements, ultra-versatile and forward venting cooling system, WineEmotion is now more powerful, capable, and easier to integrate into any space."

In fact, Series 4 by WineEmotion is the first commercial dispenser of its kind to offer:

  • Forward Venting: Fan-forced front exhausting allows for more flexibility and optimization of space when designing your wine wall. It’s the first commercial wine dispensing system with no ventilation requirements for a simple build-out.
  • Variable Dual Compressor Cooling System: allows operators to "independently" program two accurate temperature zones (42-70F) for each 4 bottle compartment (4+4 or 6+2 or 8 Reds). Of course, they can be used for 4 red + 4 white/rose or 6 red + 2 white. Still, when using the machine just for reds, you will be able to serve delicate red wines such as Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Shiraz at a lower temperature as 58F and the full-bodied red wines like Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, and Sangiovese at 64F in the same unit. We believe it’s fundamental that you are able to serve each wine at the temperature the winemaker intended. 
  • Energy-Efficient Refrigeration: the only commercial system to utilize R600a (Isobutane) refrigerant, the most energy-efficient and more powerful cooling at consistent temperatures.
  • Colored LCD Displays: delivers more wine information including wine ratings for each bottle in self-serve mode in addition to our widely popular mechanical "aluminum" dispensing buttons for dependability over touchscreen displays and more intuitive for guests to select their desired portion. 
  • Enlarged Double Pane UV-tinted Glass Doors: protects your wines with an electronic locking system for great bottle visibility and practicality when replacing bottles. 
  • Motion Sensor: adds sleep mode/energy-saving features for after business hours. The lights and displays automatically dim to save energy.
  • Open API Software:  offers seamless connectivity and reporting to POS and Hotel Room Key systems, including integrations with market leaders as Aloha and Focus for the PRO models.
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For use behind the bar or customer self-serve, WineEmotion systems are an esthetic addition to any space with customizable features from color accents to ambient lighting. Systems will give proprietors peace of mind that even the rarest of bottles are served as fresh as the moment they were opened. Most importantly, the use of a WineEmotion System will increase wine profits. WineEmotion is the number one choice for hotels, bars, airports, and restaurants worldwide looking to preserve and serve wine!

“Our goal with the Series 4 line has been to continue the evolution of our previous generation with a new focus on unmatched versatility and connectivity to take your wine program to a new level.” Niccolo Rinaldini, WineEmotion USA Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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About WineEmotion USA

As the benchmark in wine serving and preservation systems, WineEmotion is the only line of
dispensers featuring patented ISOL-PLUS Total Isolation Technology, perfecting wine sold by the
glass. Retailers, wineries, wine bars and restaurants alike have the ability to drive high-end wine
sales with greater confidence through better preservation technology. Contact us to find out how
WineEmotion can get you a step ahead of the competition and create a profitable revenue
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