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Wineemotion Invites All Guests of NRA Show 2016 to Experience Its Wine Dispensing and Preservation Systems

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Wineemotion USA is proud to announce its participation in the highly anticipated NRA Show 2016. Similar to previous years, it will be displaying its stunning wine preservation and dispensing systems to give guests an opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the systems’ features. Wineemotion is looking forward to showcase all of their different models and demonstrate how the systems can help business reduce wine waste and spoilage to allow businesses to increase their ROI.

Committed to providing foodservice operators with faster and smarter way to preserve and dispense wine, Wineemotion’s wine dispensing and preservation machine is the best solution to display, preserve, and serve wine by the glass. It has been testified by sommeliers for consistency in aroma and certified by Napa Valley Wine Academy for quality.

All models of Wineemotion will be showcased at NRA SHOW 2016 including OTTO, QUATTRO +4, QUATTRO, CINQUE, and the newest addition, SEI.


Consultation with Wineemotion’s Experts

Attendees will have the chance to meet and speak with Wineemotion’s experts and technicians to understand the full benefit of investing in Wineemotion’s wine dispensing and preservation systems as well as understanding their needs to create the best experience possible for both the foodservice operators and their customers.

Any attendee wishing to meet the experts for a more detailed discussion is welcomed to contact Wineemotion for an appointment at


About Wineemotion

WineEmotion™ wine dispensing and preservation systems are distributed worldwide and available through various Distributors in their respective markets.

Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. is the Master North American importer and distributor of the WineEmotion™ line of wine dispensing systems, available directly through the manufacturer. Formed in 2012, WineEmotion USA is a partnership between WineEmotion S.p.A. co-founders Riccardo Gosi and Fabio Frasi, and Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. President Roberto Rinaldini. For more information or to request a custom installation quote, contact WineEmotion™ USA at 800.671.3317 or online at