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Wine Dispensers Add Key Feature to Full Service Beauty Bar

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Its the afternoon and you’re looking for the perfect start to your evening. Why not enjoy, a manicure, massage and blowout with friends and a nice glass of wine? Ella Bliss Beauty Bar and WineEmotion wine dispensers are at your service.

Nestled in the suburb of Denver surrounded by the Rocky Mountains is the town of Greenwood Village. This prominent suburb is home to a revolutionary concept for women’s fashion. Ella Bliss Beauty Bar is a one-stop beauty bar created by two Colorado sisters Brooke Vanhavermaat and Kelly Huelsing.

The two sisters wanted to create a full service location for women to have “a full menu of manicure/pedicures, blowouts, facials, makeup and more, paired with great drinks, top talent, fun technology features… all under one roof.”

Dual Temperature QUATTRO+4 model by WineEmotion.

Dual Temperature QUATTRO+4 model by WineEmotion.

The Bar is designed on a radius to enhance its social aspect. The blend of Style Bar and Social Bar is an important feature for Ella Bliss’ customers to receive a complete experience. One catalyst for fun is the wine offered at the Social Bar. Customers can choose from the bar’s selection of 8 wines served from the wine dispenser system by WineEmotion™ USA.

The wine dispenser is the WineEmotion Quattro+4, it preserves the open wines for 30 days and serves each at the perfect temperature. Customers can also choose from three exact pour amounts ranging from tastes to full glasses. “The feedback on the WineEmotion machine is excellent and we are very pleased with the unit” remarks Peter Koclanes of Ella Bliss Beauty Bar.

Roberto Rinaldini, president of Rinaldini Distribution, Inc, master distributor of WineEmotion USA, is equally as excited about the new Beauty Bar. “Our machines are designed and intended to compliment revolutionary establishments like Ella Bliss Beauty Bar. We are very proud to be able to work with such a wonderful Brand.”

Customers find the wine dispenser and Social Bar to be very exciting. They are familiar with some competitors offering wine but nothing on this scale. In case you are not looking for a vibrant social setting, Ella Bliss designed their “treatment area” for messages and such to be quiet and calming.

In today’s market, customers have several choices for their beauty needs. It is very tough to find a complete product. The forethought and commitment by the Ella Bliss team certainly makes them stand out from the rest. It seems the only rational thought from here is, when and where will the next location open?

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