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Why Foodservice Operators Should Not Hesitate When Investing In an Automated Wine Dispenser

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Although adding new technology to the business is necessary to aid the operations, many operators are still hesitant in making the investment. The top reasons that the majority of operators agree on are: cost of implementation, lack of infrastructure, service and repair, per transaction/usage costs, customer acceptance, and staff training.


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These are some of the common concerns that frequently show up when foodservice operators reach out to Wineemotion. However, they soon change their mind as soon as we provide them with more information on our systems’ functions and features, and what are the benefits they will receive.

The barriers that cause many food service operators to hesitate when considering the implementation of a new technology should not be a problem for anyone considering the use of automated wine dispensing and preservation machines because:

1. Higher Return On Investment

Even though the cost of an automated wine dispensing and preservation system can be intimidating at first, operators should think on a long-term basis. Investing in the innovative technology to provide premium wine by the glass will end up earning you more than the cost you invest in the machines. As Maria Scillieri the owner of Pane E Vino and a customer of Wineemotion, mentioned that the system “has been a great part of our success at Pane E Vino. The System has increased our Wine Sales and offered a fantastic experience for our customers.”

2. Easy to Implement

It is understandable that most technologies can be difficult to implement due to the restaurants’ lack of infrastructure, but an installation of an automated wine dispensing and preservation system is not difficult. Operators are also welcome to get a consultation with an expert at Wineemotion to find out how the systems can be smoothly implemented into their locations.

3. Trustworthy Service

With technology, service and repair is a must. While it is inevitable, you can still reduce the costs for future expenses by picking a trustworthy company that provides guaranteed quality products. From doing that, you will cut down your future service and repair costs because quality products will have a longer lifetime. Secondly, a trustworthy company will have great service and repair programs that you can count on when maintenance is required.

4. No Per Transaction/Usage Cost

Automated wine dispensing and preservations systems do not charge any fee such as per transaction/usage costs. When your systems are installed, they are all yours. The machines will only focus on helping you making more wine sales.

5. Intrigue Customers

Customer acceptance should not be a problem when it comes to implementing automated wine dispensing and preservation systems. On the contrary, stunning designed systems like Wineemotion attracts the attention of customers to interact with the machines. As stated by Peter Koclanes from Ella Bliss Bar, “The feedback on the Wineemotion machine is excellent and we are very pleased with the unit to date. The Wineemotion machine is in a very prominent location within the Social Bar. We look forward to buying more machines as we open additional stores.”

6. Easy to Operate

Last but not least, the systems are so easy to use that no extensive staff training is required to operate the machines. Wineemotion offers training option after the installation and the functions of the machines are rather quick to master. All in all, the automated wine dispensing and preservation systems are simple and easy to operate. In case assistance should be needed, Wineemotion experts are always ready to help.


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From solving spoilage, waste, and over-pouring problems that cause foodservice operators to lose profit to breaking barriers that concern them, automated wine dispensing and preservation systems are the ideal solution to help restaurants boost their bottom line.  New investment is needed to improve your business and a great investment that gives you a better financial result should not be ignored.

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