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Watertable at the Hyatt Huntington Beach Combines Fashion w/ Funtion in its Wine by the Glass

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell through several bottles of premium wine by the glass each night with little to no effort at all? Watertable at the Huntington Beach Hyatt may have cracked the code by combining a beautiful display with hi tech wine dispensing technology.


Set inside the Andalusian architecture of the Hyatt Huntington Beach’s newest restaurant and gastro pub [Watertable] lies two wine bottle displays that go far beyond their sleek aesthetic traits. The system is the WineEmotion wine dispenser with automated serving and preservation features.

Through the innovative minds of Executive Chef Manfred Lassahn and Director of F&B Jon Benson, Watertable was born to appeal to visitors and locals alike. In the development stages, the team knew wine by the glass would play a big role in the restaurant’s identity, but they did not imagine it would evolve into the success it is today.
Watertable’s wine by the glass has quickly become a favorite feature at the new restaurant. Due to the success, the team has evolved the wine by the glass program to constantly provide variety alongside some of the more familiar brands that everyone has grown to love.

Chris Jack, Beverage Manager of the Hyatt Huntington Beach, envisioned a wine by the glass program that would complement the restaurant’s “old and new, refined American cuisine.” He incorporated the WineEmotion wine dispenser and preservation system to allow his team to confidently offer a wide array of premium wines by the glass without worrying about over-pouring and spoilage.
The bar layout is simple. As you enter the restaurant the bar runs along the back wall. Approximately 40 ft long, the bar top holds around 20 guests. Also, lining the perimeter of the bar area are 4 to 6 person booths. There isn’t a seat in the area that does not have a good vantage point of the wine dispensing system. For diners that would like a different view, the outside dining area has a view reminiscent of most screensavers.

Watertable in the Hyatt Huntington Beach uses the WineEmotion wine dispensing system to display and serve its wine by the glass.

The intricate yet simple design of Watertable’s bar makes a perfect platform for the wine dispenser. Jack was pleasantly surprised that “The WineEmotion wine dispenser turns out to be the center piece of the bar even though it wasn’t planned that way.” He added, “The straight lines and sleekness of the system takes over the room.”

Guests love the system as well. “The response to the system by our guests is amazing,” Jack explains. “Anyone not familiar with the system is always fascinated by the display of the wines and the science involved.”
Of course a beautiful wine display system can only do so much. Jack and his team work very hard at curating a wine by the glass program intriguing enough to sell itself. With “big name” Californian wines like, Silver Oak, Duckhorn & Shafer and Italian varietals like, Brunello & Amarone, guests are able to sip on some of the world’s most desired wines.
Jack went on to say that many nights, his premiere wines by the glass move so well, he is yet to capitalize on the long term preservation features. This sounds like a good problem to have.
Whether it was by design or some other divine course, the layout combined with the WineEmotion wine dispenser & preservation system appears to be a catalyst for the significant wine by the glass sales.
Watertable is currently in its peak season, with high volumes consisting of Orange County local and tourists from all over the world. The local following is somewhat uncommon for resort based restaurant and is sure to play a big role for Watertable going into the typically slower parts of the year.

WineEmotion is distributed throughout North America by Rinaldini Distribution Inc., enhancing wine by the glass since 2003.
About Rinaldini Distribution, Inc.
Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. is an importer and distributor of beverage management and serving systems founded in 2003 by President Roberto Rinaldini. Winner of the California Restaurant Association Innovator Award in 2003, Rinaldini introduced the very first line of wine dispensers to the United States in 2003 and has more than twenty years of consulting experience in the hospitality and beverage industries.