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How To: Uncorking Profits

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Bars and restaurants with carefully curated wine lists know that there’s a great amount of profit to be made from wine.  But there can also be a great amount of lost profits through spoilage, overpouring, or lack of upselling and marketing.

Wineemotion is a preservation and dispensing system for wines. Depending on the model, the system can hold from four to eight bottles.  There’s even a unit called Bartender that holds and dispenses liquor bottles.

Each unit contains diagnostic screens and wine balance indicators that show if a portion is not available, or if a bottle is empty or near empty.

Wine typically has a short shelf life once opened, but Wineemotion preserves the quality of the wine for 30 days after the bottle is opened.  This is thanks to food-grade argon gas that is injected into the bottles to create a barrier against oxygen.  Patented ISOL-PLUS™ Total Isolation Technology preserves each bottle individually in its own pressurized atmosphere to avoid aromatic cross contamination between each bottle position.  In addition, the system makes sure white wines and red wines are served at the right temperatures.

Bottles of different sizes can be easily and quickly hooked up to the system thanks to spring-loaded pneumatic pistons that efficiently raise and lower to mount bottles from beneath, which creates a reliable, hermetical seal.  This eliminates the possibility of mechanical stress and gas leaks associate with systems that suspend bottles from above. Automated pressurization monitoring confirms that each bottle is pressurized without leakage before allowing any wines to dispense.

On the dispensing side, Wineemotion reports that freehand pouting of wine can result in an average 15% overpouring. In contrast, their system enables precise pour control with the option to program up to three different volumes for each bottle position.  The most common pour volumes are tasting, half glass, and full glass.

Bars and restaurants typically offer expensive wines as bottles only, which limits sales.  But with the ability to open a wine, dispense it in smaller portions and keep the remaining bottle fresh, that changes.  “When a wine is available for taste, half glass, or full glass, there are no reasons to not drink such wines,” says Roberto Rinaldini, President of Wineemotion.  “The Wineemotion system helps to sell more wines and consequently to increase revenue.

In fact, according to Wineemotion, by offering more expensive wine by the glass at higher price points (which could range from $18-$30 a glass compared to on average $12 or less), the average revenue per ounce will grow 25%.

Plus, Wineemotion offers bars and restaurants a sleek, eye-catching way to display their wines, which can also help to sell them.  The system can be operated by staff behind the bar, or by customers as a self-serve station where they use special prepaid smart cards to dispenser wine themselves at their leisure, which frees up staff.

Wineemotion systems even offer users data about their wine dispensing, including sales statistics and reports and inventory management. “These analytics are a great tool to monitor sales and to know which wines the customers like more or less,” says Rinaldini. “This helps to make the right decision with the selection of the wines, consequently increasing the revenue.”

Original Source: Bar Business – September 2017

Author: Ashley Bray