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The Wonderful World of Wine: Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Wineemotion USA and Disney Resorts have partnered to serve the freshest premium wine by the glass at this year’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival. The two month festival will host thousands of food and wine professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

With its growing popularity in North America, wine is expected to be a major draw for a vast majority of visitors this year. This is a big factor for the collaboration between Disney and Wineemotion USA. Wineemotion, the innovators of state of the art wine dispensing systems, will be supplying several 5 bottle CINQUE wine dispensers for guests to use and interact with at the festival.

“Wine’s popularity in the US is growing incredibly,” says Roberto Rinaldini president of Rinaldini Distribution, Inc and Wineemotion USA. “Our systems will be the perfect compliment for the two month event to help Epcot serve and preserve premium wines for its guest to discover. We are very happy to continue to provide Disney an innovative wine preservation and dispensing solution.”

The festival starts on September 26 and continues through November 16. Each Wineemotion wine dispensing system will be used to display, preserve and serve premium wines featured by the festival in the freshest condition and ideal temperature.

Wineemotion is an innovative wine dispensing system designed to enhance how wine is sold by the glass. Eliminate spoilage and over-pouring while displaying and marketing the wine beautifully for customers and staff to easily use.

Aside from the CINQUE dispensers that will be featured this year, Wineemotion offers a 4 bottle entry level model the QUATTRO as well as its flagship systems the OTTO (single zone 8 bottle) and the QUATTRO+4, designed to serve both 4 whites and 4 reds or 3 whites and 5 reds with a special split zone kit.

Wineemotion is the creation of Riccardo Gosi, the inventor of the modern day wine dispensing system. Each Wineemotion wine dispensing system is distributed throughout the United States by Rinaldini Distribution, Inc the same distributor that introduced the first wine dispensing system to the United States back in 2003.