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The Must-Have Wine Technology that Every Restaurant Needs to Increase Profits

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

According to a recent survey conducted by NRA (National Restaurant Association), data has shown that technology plays an important role in helping restaurants increase sales and enhance customer service. Yet not all foodservice operators are upgrading to a more technological environment. With the results from Restaurant Technology Survey 2016, operators might want to reconsider adding more technology into their plans to gain a more competitive edge. (Featured Photo: Angelo’s Wine Bar)

As shown in the image below (figure 1), technologies that aid customer ordering, loyalty programs, payment options, and anything robotic and automated are said to be important to the development of restaurants over the next five years. What this means is that restaurants that are looking to improve their sales and customer service need to invest in more innovative technological equipments to stay competitive.

What does this trend mean if your restaurant serves wine? You will need a faster, easier, and smarter solution to manage your wine in order to grow wine sales. Each year, restaurants suffer from a loss in revenue of approximately $16,000 due to wine waste, spoilage, and over-pouring from free hand pouring.

To put an end to these problems, many restaurants have started to adopt the concept of incorporating automated wine dispensing and preservation systems into their business plans. Wine Preservation Systems will preserve wine bottles for 30-60 day, and serve fresh wine in accurate pour measure with easy to use functions. By applying this concept to their businesses, many operators have seen an increase in revenue as much as $21,000 per year after eliminating wine waste, spoilage, and over-pouring issues while offering a higher price point wine by the glass program.

(Figure 1. Image Source: NRA)

Thus, an investment in an automated wine dispensing and preservation system will pay off big. If needed, personal credit can be used to finance the systems. The system will contribute to the development of restaurant technology and increase sales. With the functions and features of an automated wine dispensing and preservation system, the systems can be categorized under Robotics & Automation:

1) Automated Wine Dispensing and Preservation Systems are different from regular wine dispensers. An automated system dispenses wine with just a simple press. This function makes serving wine much simpler and faster.

2) The systems pour an accurate volume measure of 0.5, 1.0, or 1.5 oz depending on your choice. This convenient feature ensures an accurate pour measure level at all time without exerting any effort. You will no longer have problems with over-pouring.

3) Automatically preserve your wine bottles at the ideal temperature for 30-60 days. By eliminating the threat of spoilage, food and beverage programs can offer more premium wine by the glass.

4) With the optional Prepaid Card for Customer Use feature, restaurants can speed up productivity and efficiency by letting the customers choose and pour their own drinks. Doing so, restaurants are able to cut down on staffing yet still providing a great customer experience. (Please note that the law requirements and restrictions are different for each state. It is advised that all operators should check the law status for this option in their states before implementing a Prepaid Card for Customer Use).

(Figure 2. Image Source: NRA)

Falling under one of the areas that the majority of operators agree to be the most important areas of development for restaurant technology, automated wine dispensing and preservation systems will be worth the investment. Not to mention, this innovative wine technology will give your restaurant a competitive advantage.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses must think different and pay attention to details that can set them apart from the competitors. While settling with the traditional way of serving wine seems to be good enough for some operators, missing out on the benefits that automated wine dispensing and preservation machines provide can be a big loss for the business.

Wineemotion, known to perfectly blend fashion and function, provides systems with stunning design that promises to enhance the interior decor of any restaurant. More than just an automated wine dispensing and preservation system, this innovative technology also acts a marketing tool for your wine bottles. Accented under beautiful RGB LED lighting, restaurants will confidently display their wine selections and appeal to customers. The Wineemotion system will make sure your wine bottles appeal both to the eyes as well as the palate.

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