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The Future of Whiskey Serving: Bartender by Wineemotion USA

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Bartender is the  first automated whiskey dispensing system developed by Wineemotion USA in collaboration with Dan Matuszek, founder of Grane, the whiskey dispensary and craft cocktail concept piloted in Omaha, Nebraska.

WineEmotion, known for being a leader in wine dispensing and preservation technology, introduced its Bartender whiskey dispensing system in 2014 to serve the tremendous growth in the global whiskey market.  Responding to Dan Matuszek’s proposal to expand into the whiskey category following the success of his   wine-centric Brix, a wine bar, restaurant, and retail store concept located in Omaha, Nebraska, the innovative collaboration between WineEmotion and Grane began.

Grane is a cozy after-work spot where you can enjoy a selection of 35 premium whiskeys with the use of a pre-loaded smart card that controls the Bartender pour size – .5oz, 1oz, or 1.5oz. What a great way to sample premium whiskeys at your own pace without having to commit to the purchase of an entire bottle! Grane also features more than 500 premium whiskeys behind the bar, 15 house-made craft cocktails, a generous selection of craft beers, and wine.

WineEmotion USA is planning to advance the Bartender concept nationally this year, giving whiskey lovers across the country an opportunity to be part of a revolutionary change that will shape the way whiskey is served in the future.

Innovative Technological Advances Boosts Bar Performance

As any bar or restaurant owner can attest, serving whiskey in a traditional manner by pouring straight from the bottle can increase waste and reduce efficiency. However, with Bartender’s three-level pour technology, serving whiskey is made easy and efficient. The accurate variable pour control increases the performance of the bar by allowing the customer to take control of their whiskey purchase while the bartender behind the bar focuses on other aspects of tending bar that decrease wait time and increases the business’ ROI.

Taste is a critical factor when enjoying whiskeys, just as it is with wine. With that in mind, Bartender ensures that the taste of each whiskey pour is of the highest quality. “The whiskey is pushed by food-grade argon gas, with the uptake from the bottom of the bottle; the headspace fills up with argon. The spout will drip two or  three drops, but cut-off is precise. There is very little to go wrong here” as stated by Lew Bryson of Whisky Advocate.


World Whiskey Day

On May 21st, Grane will hold a special event for World Whiskey Day, a day where whiskey lovers unite to celebrate “the water of life.” As part of this sacred day for whiskey lovers Grane will run specials on all 35 whiskeys featured on the Bartender whiskey dispensing system, all 500+ whiskeys behind the bar, and all whiskey-based cocktails.

For those who reside in Nebraska, mark your calendars! For those living outside of Nebraska, you may be the next to experience this revolutionary change in the way whiskey is enjoyed in a market near you so