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Stay Ahead of the Competition with a Better Wine by the Glass Program

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Falling under one of the areas that foodservice operators agree to be the most important areas of development for restaurant technology, automated wine dispensing and preservation systems will be a great investment to upgrade your wine by the glass program. Not to mention, this wine technology will also give your restaurant a competitive advantage over your competitors. Don’t fall behind in the competition.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses must think differently and pay attention to the details that can set them apart from the competitors. While settling with the traditional way of serving wine seems to be good enough for some operators, missing out on the benefits that automated wine dispensing and preservation systems provide can be a big loss for the business.


Often overlooked, the importance of paying attention to details is much more significant than most might think. The details that can set your business apart are as simple as your decor design, customer experience, and service. Pay a good amount of attention to these details and you will make an obvious improvement to your business.

So what are the details that you need to keep an eye on when it comes to wine by the glass? In order to provide a better wine by the glass program that actually grow your wine sales, you need to stop the problems that are costing you your investment. The most common problems are lack of preservation, lost on investment due to oxidized left-over wines, and over-pouring from free-hand pouring.

With that being said, an automated wine dispensing and preservation system to preserve and serve fresh wine is an ideal solution for restaurants to eliminate wine waste, spoilage, and over-pouring. The features that allow the systems to help restaurants eliminate loss are the Precise Pour Control, Three Variable Volume Pour Measure, and Preservation System using Inert Gas to preserve wine up to 30 days without exposing the bottles to cross aromatic contamination.

1. Precise Pour Control

The precise pour control is exactly what you need to solve over-pouring problems. Just like the name suggests, this function lets users automatically dispense wine in an exact volume measure that was preset. By pouring an accurate measure, you will be able to get higher return on your investment especially if your restaurant offers a large selection of premium wine.

2. Three Variable Volume Pour Measure

Adding on to the precise pour control, the systems that are ideal for commercial setting offer the option for tasting pour (0.5 oz), half glass pour (1.0 oz), and full glass pour (1.5 oz). Through this option, you will effectively induce your customers to make a confident purchase after being able to taste at a significantly lower price. In return, you will be able to make more profitable sales.

3. 30 Days Wine Preservation

Wine has a short shelf life once you uncork the bottles. By drastically reducing the threat of spoilage, your business can start offering premium wine by the glass program as opposed to traditionally offering the higher price point of wine by bottle only.

4. Eliminate Cross Aromatic Contamination

Preserving wine bottles together in one system can expose them to cross aromatic contamination. However, with special technology such as the ISOL-Plus from Wineemotion, the bottles will be completely isolated from each other. This detail is especially important in systems with dual climate chamber for red and white wines.


More than just an automated wine dispensing and preservation system, this innovative technology acts as a marketing tool for your wine bottles. Besides helping restaurants to eliminate loss in order to boost profits, the systems also enhance the details such as decor and customer experience for a better wine by the glass program. Accented under beautiful RGB LED lighting, restaurants will confidently display their wine selections. Through the gorgeous wine display that showcases a hundred percent of the bottles with lighting, the system will make the wine more appealing to customers which will bring you more sales. The Wineemotion system will make sure your wine bottles appeal both to the eyes as well as the palate.

Bottom line, incorporating an automated wine dispensing and preservation system into your restaurants will attract more customers to your business with the unique features and experience that the systems provide. Make it the heart of your concept and your business will stand out from the competition.

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Wine dispensers by Wineemotion™ USA are the perfect complement to any wine by the glass program. Wineemotion™ is the creation of Riccardo Gosi, the internationally renowned creator of modern day wine dispensing systems that have transformed how wine is sold and served worldwide since 2003. Our patented wine dispenser technology eliminates cross aromatic contamination, preserves wine for over 30 days and increases profit by optimizing your wine by the glass program.

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