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Napa Valley Wine Academy and Wineemotion Wine Dispensers giving students the tools to thrive

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

The Napa Valley Wine Academy’s mission is to inspire and empower its students to explore the world of wine. With a mission like that it was only right that Wineemotion wine dispensing systems would partner with the academy to help.

Napa Valley Wine Academy recently incorporated one Wineemotion CINQUE five bottle dual zone wine dispenser for its students to interact with and familiarize. Wineemotion’s mission isn’t much different from Napa Valley Wine Academy’s. It strives to empower wine directors and sommeliers to offer the best and freshest wine by the glass to its guests.


The students will learn valuable tactics to use the system like marketing and presentation along with conduct tastings for class exercises and confidently try open bottles knowing they are as fresh as when they were opened.
Christian Oggenfuss, founder and teacher of the Academy explains, “What’s cool about this [Wineemotion wine dispenser] is that we can use these machines in a myriad of ways, from classroom pours, to private event tastings. Best of all, we can have wines available for tastings and study groups.”

From the moment the installation and training were complete, the team enthusiastically broke into the system dispensing 1 ounce pre-programmed pours of Chambertin-Clos de Beze.

Roberto Rinaldini, President of Wineemotion USA and Rinaldini Distribution, inc. knew from the beginning this would be a valuable partnership. “Even though we have been in this market since 2003, the technology is constantly evolving, so it is great to have the students interact and familiarize with the wine dispensers.” He adds, “When they hit the professional world, they will need to have skills that their competition does not have.

Comprehensive understanding of our system will help them market, sell and enhance their wine by the glass. For example, they can offer a tasting which could turn into full glass or flights purchase. The system is a full 360 approach to curating a wine by the glass program.”

What separates a school or academy from others? Enthusiastic and experienced staff? The most talented and brightest students? An inclination to educate on the newest and most innovative techniques and practices? Probably all of those and then some. Napa Valley Wine Academy and its unique partnerships, Wineemotion included, bring an intriguing cutting edge environment for its students to learn and thrive.

Wineemotion and Rinaldini Distribution, inc have been enhancing how wine is sold by the glass since 2003. 30 Days preservation, precise pour control, variable volume pouring all help wine professionals to create the wine by the glass program they envision.