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Napa Valley Will Recover Quickly with its Resilience and the Help of Industry Leaders Like WineEmotion USA

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

The World of Wine is a tight knit community. It can get competitive at times but when push comes to shove, the community does not hesitate to come together and help for the greater good. Last weekend’s 6.0 magnitude earthquake that hit just south of Napa Valley proves just that.

Wineries like Silver Oak Cellars in Oakville were especially effected by the earthquake, hundreds of bottles were destroyed along with other warehoused items and machinery. The initial damage may be punitive in comparison to the possible slowdown of tourism. Napa Valley’s life blood revolves around tourism and if they can’t rebuild quickly tourist may choose alternative locations.

Lucky for the area, as stated earlier, the wine world is very responsive and resilient to tragedy. Many of the industry’s leaders have offered up support. The website, is a premier Classifieds Website for wine country. The site is using it expansive reach to coral support for Napa Valley’s effected.

An email from the popular site was sent out to industry professionals and they are saying the response is very encouraging. “Our hearts go out to our neighbors in Napa who have been so severely impacted by the recent earthquake.

We’ve received numerous calls from people willing to help and we encourage you to post notices of need or willingness to volunteer on Lew Perdue’s Forum… ” The website is also will to post, for free, and “Free Offerings” or announcements for wineries, vineyards and their employees in need of support.

If anyone wants to help they are welcome to email and they will take care of the rest.

Roberto Rinaldini, President of Rinaldini Distribution, Inc. the master distributor of WineEmotion wine dispensing and preservation systems has been in the wine industry for well over a decade now. He also grew up in wine country, Chianti, Italy and he is very familiar with the character and spirit that flows through areas like Napa.

“In all my time, I have not seen something so impactful, but I am not surprised by the amount of support circulating throughout the industry and area of Napa Valley.” Rinaldini adds, “my team at WineEmotion and I are more than willing to help this beautiful and resilient area.”

WineEmotion and Rinaldini have very close relationships with many of the wineries effected and has expressed interest in helping the Napa Valley area.

Though the details have not been fully worked out yet, a plan with soon be put into action. Others willing to help are welcome to contact WineEmotion with thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to email with and questions or comments.