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Five Branding Ideas for New Restaurants and Bars

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Brand identity is important for any business. Without exception, a new restaurant or bar must successfully brand its business to create an exclusive experience for its customers. So what are some essentials branding ideas to successfully promote your new restaurant or bar?

If your customers remember your logo and your value, you are on the right track in promoting your brand. It is a given that every customer can instantly recognize the brand of a successful and well-known business, but not so much for a new business. However, that doesn’t mean you will not be able to have a great brand identity as a newcomer. With carefully planned out branding ideas, your new business will sure achieve the result you desire.

We all know the first step in branding is to create a memorable, catchy name. Then following the name, you must design a logo. So now that you have a name and a logo, what’s next? Below are some must-have branding ideas for your new restaurant or bar.

1. Loyalty Cards


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Just as the name suggests, your loyalty cards encourage your new customers to stay loyal to your business. If they like your food and drinks, this card will have them come back for more. For that reason, branding your loyalty cards is important to keep refreshing your customers’ memories about your business every time they look at your cards.

2. Relevant Themed-Menu


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It goes without saying that every restaurant and every bar needs a menu. It is common knowledge that every menu needs to have the business’ logo and must be well designed; however, your menu design must go above and beyond that belief. Your menu design should reflect the experience that you aim to serve your customers. For instance, a casual restaurant with a goal to provide a fun, entertaining environment for its guests must have a menu filled with fun design.

3. Custom Wine Dispenser


A wine dispensing and preservation system is a must-have technology for your bar and restaurant if you offer wine by the glass. There are many benefits and advantages with this solution for your business. If you hate losing money due to over-pouring issues or wasting leftover wine bottles after their opening, then you must not miss out on this wine system. Not only does it provide great benefits to help you increase your return on investment, but you can certainly rely on it as a décor tool to emphasize your brand. Wine dispensing and preservation systems are customizable in a large variety of colors, finishes in stainless steel or matter orange peel, and logo branding on the display board of the systems.

4. Window and WallGraphics 


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Décor definitely has a great purpose in setting the image for your brand. It is important to pay attention to your exterior decoration as equally important as your interior design. The first things your customers see are your business name, logo, and the exterior of your store. Therefore, the outdoor décor must be attractive enough to get the attention from diners. Great designed window and wall graphics will lift the spirits of the customers. Just remember to keep your window graphics design consistent with your interior design.

5. A-Board


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A-board is a great exterior promotional tool for your restaurant or bar. You can display your logo on it and decorate it in a fun way to attract passersby. Also, another great way to make use of this tool is to advertise your current promotional deals. A-board will be handy when you are located at a location with a lot of foot-traffic.

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