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How Wineemotion’s Bartender Celebrated World Whiskey Day

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

There’s no other place a bartender rather be at on World Whiskey Day than at a place filled with whiskey. So our Bartender whiskey dispenser feels the same. On May 20th and 21st, Bartender celebrated World Whiskey Day with whiskey lovers at Grane, a whiskey dispensary and craft cocktail concept located in Omaha.


Doing what Bartender loves most, Wineemotion’s whiskey dispenser continuously served guests with all the great whiskey provided by Grane.

As a special event for this celebration, Grane has offered a special deal for guests who love using our whiskey dispensing system, Bartender: Buy One Get One Free Smart Whiskey Dispensing Card.


With the dispensing card, whiskey lovers had the freedom to select and pour their own glass of whiskey at their own pace as long as there are still enough credits stored on the card.

Helping many customers enhance their drinking experience at this unique whiskey dispensary and craft cocktail concept location, Bartender had a great time celebrating World Whiskey Day with all the whiskey lovers who came by Grane on these days. Bartender looks forward to serve many more whiskey lovers at Grane.


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