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How to Stop Wine Overpouring

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Overpouring is inevitable when wine is poured the traditional way by hand, but why should you care? While overpouring one or several glasses of wine do not have a significant effect on your bottom line, overpouring every single wine glass will eventually hurt your profit tremendously. So how can you stop wine overpouring?

Wine Measuring Decanter


Before serving your customers their glasses of wine, your servers or bartenders can pour the wine into a wine measuring decanter first to make sure they are serving the accurate volume of wine set by the manager. Then, they can pour the wine into the glass that will be served to the customer after measuring.

While this is a useful tool for bars and restaurants on a budget, it also have some disadvantages to it.

Wine measuring decanter lets you measure the wine volume that will be served accurately, but your servers and bartenders will still be pouring by hand which will not guarantee they will get it right the first time. They might slightly overpour or accidentally overpour a great amount. They might attempt to try again or they have to pour back some amount, or even throw away the excess wine.

Wine measuring decanter is a budget solution to accurate wine pouring, but if you are looking for speedy serving operations you might be more interested with option number two below.

Wine Dispenser System

Fast and convenient way to pour wine accurately, wine dispensing systems quickly allow users to dispense wine in the perfect volume with just a touch of a button. With this option, bar and restaurant owners can be at ease knowing every glass of wine is served in the exact volume that they wish to serve their customers.

Dispense one time and you will immediately get the most accurate volume of wine. No need for a second step, just serve the wine after dispensing.

No stress for you. No stress for the servers and bartenders. To top it off, your customers will be happy because their favorite wine will be served quickly.

Most of the modern wine dispensing systems allow you to set more than one dispensing volume to allow more selections for your customers. For instance, our SEI, has the option to set three different serving portions. As pictured above, the system features three mechanical buttons that represent each serving portion to allow fast serving. Each wine glass will be poured in the perfect measure with no hassle.

About Wineemotion

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