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7 Ways to Create a Cozy Experience with Wineemotion Wine Dispenser

Last Updated: May 24, 2024
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Are you looking for a warm and charming way to incorporate a wine dispenser into your location? Are you thinking about building your very own wine related spot? By means of these 7 practical tips, Wineemotion will benefit your space whilst maintaining a cozy and pleasant vibe.

1. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity


To create a magical experience with a wine dispenser, you don’t need to focus on the quantity of Wineemotion wine dispensers installed, but rather the quality of the wines offered by the glass via the wine dispensers.  

For locations with dispensers located behind the bar, a single 8 bottle system in many cases can be the best solution to provide guests with an excellent showcase of premium wines offered by the glass.

Instead for wine bars or retail stores featuring wine dispensers intended for customer use, 24 bottle positions would be the recommended minimum for a successful setup. It presents customers a wide selection of wines to taste in all price ranges.  

2. Build Smart


Your space does not need to be an exaggerated 5,000 square feet or more. A restaurant or wine bar can be under 2,000 square feet, and surely it will feel more friendly and welcoming.

Now add warm colors, large oil paintings, ambient sounds and a Wineemotion to amplify wines available by the glass and you’ve just created the most comfortable and cozy setting.

3. Place a Wine Dispensing System Behind the Bar


It’s no secret that Wineemotion wine dispensing and preservation systems boost wine by the glass programs and expand premium wine offerings. But did you know you can enhance your wine program even more by offering flights for elite wines?

This is a fun and educational way for both new and experienced wine lovers to broaden their wine tasting experience. For this to work, it is very important to have a nice and friendly bartender to create a unique wine by the glass experience for your guests. 

4. Implement Wine Dispensers for Customer Use


Create a self-guided wine tasting experience for your guests. By incorporating a Wineemotion wine dispensing system in your wine bar’s program, you will provide a fun interactive experience for guests to learn and explore all the wines you have to offer.

For an improved customer wine tasting experience it is fundamental to have bartenders socialize and interact around the wine dispensers who can also educate the clients and recommend wines. Make sure to recommend the best pairing for their food choice. 

5. Wineemotion is The Perfect Display to Showcase Wines


Wineemotions’ innovative and eye-catching design will become the focal point of your bar and will direct the clientele straight to the wines proposed by the glass. For this reason, adding a wine dispenser will generate an advantage with respect to other restaurants and wine bars in your area.

6. Improve Service for Red Wines


Besides the pour control feature, you can improve the service for red wines by serving every pour at the correct temperature. Very often red wines are stored in warm places and commonly served at wrong temperature. Correctly serving wines will delight your guests and will keep them coming back for more.

7. Try Before You Buy


Incorporate a Wineemotion wine dispenser into your retail wine store and let customers “try before they buy” with the pre-programmed ½ ounce tasting feature and they will confidently upgrade their wine choice. A truly unprecedented and marvelous highlight for the retail segment.


About Wineemotion

Wine dispensers by Wineemotion™ USA are the perfect complement to any wine-by-the-glass program. Wineemotion™ is the creation of Riccardo Gosi, the internationally renowned creator of modern day wine dispensing systems that have transformed how wine is sold and served worldwide since 2003. Our patented wine dispenser technology eliminates cross aromatic contamination, preserves wine for over 30 days and increases profit by optimizing your wine-by-the-glass program.