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Northside Kitchen – A Unique Concept of Coffee & Wine

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

The Northside Kitchen in Avon, CO is no stranger to a unique concept of coffee & wine dispenser systems. This premier home-style eatery has made headlines in the past with their introduction of “Switch Café”.  Featuring a Wineemotion OTTO system, this coffee and wine bar hybrid concept, developed by the prestigious Getty’s architecture firm in Chicago,  won the “Best Vignette” award at the HD Design Expo in 2014.

Switch Cafe Coffee & Wine Bar Concept- HD Design Expo 2014

 Fast forward to 2017, and Northside Kitchen has fully embraced their unique concept offering of coffee and wine at the same location. When restaurant owner Jim ordered his first Wineemotion wine dispenser, little did he know how popular his coffee and wine bar concept would be.

Dual OTTO’s at the bar – Northside Kitchen

This February, the restaurant added their fourth wine dispenser, showcasing a French Burgundy collection. What started with one Wineemotion wine dispenser, has transformed into a full-fledged, 32 bottles offering wine bar. With a wine bar this large, customers can enjoy the taste of different varietals from all around the world.

French Burgundy Collection – Northside Kitchen

As the popularity and customer interest continue to grow for coffee and wine bar concepts, the excitement of Northside Kitchen’s wine-by-the-glass program is soaring to new heights. Next time you are in the area, makes sure to stop by Northside Kitchen to see their beautiful display of Wineemotion wine dispensers and experience their coffee and wine bar concept.


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