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Cigar Lounge meets Bartender, the first whiskey dispensing technology by WineEmotion USA

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

If you are a lover of cigar, get ready for this exciting news we are about to announce. Callahan’s Liquor, a liquor shop located in South Sioux City, has added an innovative technology to serve whiskey by the glass, Bartender. Just choose what you like from the display and with a simple click you will have your favorite whiskey glass in your hand with no stress.

Back in November 3rd, 2015 the dispenser system provided by WineEmotion USA went live on Callahan’s Liquor’s counter. This recent upgrade allows regular liquor lovers of Callahan’s Liquor to enjoy their favorite drinks with ease while increasing the convenience of serving drinks. The customers can relax with friends sipping on their whiskeys while smoking cigars. At the same time, workers at Callahan’s Liquor are happy to trust WineEmotion USA dispenser system to serve their customers rapidly.

With this addition, Callahan’s Liquor is surely stepping up its game. The new experience it brings to the store definitely made Callahan’s Liquor distinct from other liquor stores around. Customers no longer just go in and out after buying bottles to bring home. They now have a place to enjoy their drinks by the glass without having to buy a full bottle. With a wine card provided by Callahan’s Liquor, customers are able to pour their own glass and enjoy this revolutionary whiskey dispensing system features.


By now you might start to think that it would great if you are not only served by the glass but also get to try before buying any bottle. Well, you’re in luck! Callahan’s Liquor lets customers try bottles they have on display in the system to help customers make a better decision purchasing their wines and whiskeys.

The dispensing system that allows Callahan’s Liquor to achieve great results and customer satisfaction is no other than WineEmotion USA’s very own Bartender, an automated whiskey dispensing system that aims at serving the fast growing whiskey market.

Bartender, similar to the Otto wine dispenser also by WineEmotion USA, can hold up to 8 bottles ready to be served by the glass. What’s special about Bartender is its pour measure of 0.5, 1, or 1.5 oz. Press one of the three pour measures button on display and your glass is filled with your favorite drink with accuracy.  In addition, Bartender ensures the bottles are preserve at the right temperature to maintain the taste without contamination.

Not only are Bartender’s functions innovative and cutting-edge, the appearance of this system will leave you breathless with its sharp look and LED lightning. You can definitely count on WineEmotion USA to custom Bartender to match your preferences.

While this is exciting news for regular customers of Callahan’s Liquor store, it is also exciting news for the whiskey lovers as a whole. It is expected that Bartender will increase its presence on the whiskey market over the next few years.