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Wine-by-the-glass at Capers Cafe

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

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The city of Portland is host to a booming food and beverage industry. Delicious cuisine can be found all across the city, even at Capers Café et Le Bar in Portland International Airport. This is where Capers upholds their tradition of dining and fine wines with the help of Wineemotion.
Established in 1990, Capers Café & Catering Co. family-owned business has been making a name for itself with their superb catering and dining experience. Using fresh, local ingredients for dishes, combined with impeccable service has created an airport dining experience like no other. And with the Wineemotion systems, Capers Café et Le Bar has extended their offering by introducing their own wine-by-the-glass program.

Wine lovers can now taste a glass of fine premium wines offered by Capers Café et Le Bar, when traveling through Portland’s International Airport. The wines by the glasses are dispensed at the optimal temperature, straight from Wineemotion system. The system helps Caper’s Café et Le Bar guests enjoy a selection of expensive wine by the glass when waiting to catch their next flight.

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, appetizers or dinner, Capers Café et Le Bar can accommodate your wine tasting and food needs. Next time you are traveling through Portland International Airport, stop by Caper’s Café et Le Bar for a taste, glass, or meal. You won’t be disappointed.

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