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Airport Wine Bars to Visit During Your Holiday Travel

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Airport layover is especially frustrating when the wait is long. No one likes a layover, but it’s the holiday so you are expecting and getting ready to go through this once again. However, good news for you is that layovers are now less of a nightmare than before with the renovations of airports all over the world. To bring a more comfortable traveling experience, the renovations add restaurants, bars, well-known coffee and beverage brands, and entertainment spaces. Among the additions, layover passengers love to enjoy few glasses of wine while waiting at airport wine bars.

The Concept

With airport wine bar concepts appearing in numerous airports all over the world, wine enthusiasts can now make the most out of the layover by enjoying wine before boarding. Without having to leave the airport, passengers can find quite a good premium wine by the glass selection offered by wine bars located right inside the airport. The rising trend of airport wine bars have been an attractive opportunity for the foodservice industry.

Effect on Wine by the Glass Program

The lucrative sales of wine by the glass are great for airport wine bars. Layover passengers tend to order wine by the glass rather than by bottle. Most passengers want to relax and enjoy few glasses while waiting, and most just do not have enough time for a full bottle. Therefore, the order of wine by the glass is more common for airport wine bars. While the high demand of wine by the glass is good for profit, the problem of leftover wine from opened bottles is a risky problem that can cause loss rather than earn profit. For that reason, many airport wine bar operators have turn to automatic wine dispenser and preservation systems as their solution to minimize spoilage and waste.


Automatic wine dispenser and preservation systems, like Wineemotion, contain the technology to preserve opened bottles for 30 days to help avoid throwing away any oxidized wine. The preservation is essential to any wine by the glass program as it ensures maximum quality for the wine. Without this solution, operators are faced with a great amount of waste if an opened bottle is not finished which will cause a loss in investment. Most importantly, the customers will not be happy to taste a premium point wine that loses its taste and flavors. The customers want to get what they pay for.

With our solution to reduce spoilage, waste, and over-pouring, the below airport food and beverage programs have been garnering much success. We are proud to power their wine by the glass program with our sleekly-designed wine dispenser and preservation systems.

1. Delta Sky Club in SFO, SEA, and ATL

2. WiBar in LaGuardia, NY – Terminal C

3. SF Uncork’d in SFO – Terminal 3

4. Vinifera in Toronto Pearson – Terminals 1 and 3

5. American Express Centurion Lounge

6. Urban Crave at SAN – Terminal 2

7. Le Grand Comptoir at Orlando International Airport – Gates 20-29, Airside 1

About Wineemotion USA

Wine dispensers by Wineemotion™ USA are the perfect complement to any wine-by-the-glass program. Wineemotion™ is the creation of Riccardo Gosi, the internationally renowned creator of modern day wine dispensing systems that have transformed how wine is sold and served worldwide since 2003. Our patented wine dispenser technology eliminates cross aromatic contamination, preserves wine for over 30 days and increases profit by optimizing your wine-by-the-glass program.

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