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8 Tips to Provide a Happy Winery Experience

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Over the years, more Americans are falling in love with wine and seek out to wineries for more knowledge on the different types available. Responding to this growing interest for wine, more American wineries are making their debut to share their passion with other wine lovers. With the increasing presence of wineries, how does a single winery set itself apart from the rest? It can be as simple as providing the best experience to make the visitors happy. So here are 8 tips to keep your visitors smiling:

1. Go easy on the persuasion for wine club memberships


It is understandable that a winery wants to gain new members as much as possible for their wine clubs, but be careful when planning your approach. Aggressive selling can scare off your visitors (like the picture above). Such bad experience will drive away your visitors.

2. Provide a knowledgeable environment


Okay. You probably don’t want to talk about a lemon tree, but you get the idea. It is assumed that most winery visitors are trying to learn more about wine and want to have a wine tasting experience. However, there are visitors who still mention that the wineries they visit did not meet up to their expectations. A knowledgeable team that can answer any question and provides more than just basic information will be important.

3. Maintain a high level of customer service


Just like with any other business, wineries also need a really well-trained team to provide a great customer service. Experience is everything to visitors. When you see your visitors smiling brightly and giving you thumbs up like the picture above, go ahead and pat yourself on the back.

4. Make sure your winery is not overcrowded


(Image Source: Wines&Vines)

It’s good to have a lot of visitors! It shows that your winery is doing the right thing and visitors can’t help but come back for more tasting experience. However, keep an eye out on your crowd control when you’re getting popular. Even if you are providing the best service and experience, an overcrowded winery will also drive away visitors.

5. Keep pricing simple and easy to comprehend


Make sure your pricing is easy to understand. A complex pricing might cause visitors to feel lost and frustrated. This might be an obvious tip but we have seen comments from winery visitors stating how frustrated they were trying to figure out how the pricing works.

6. Preserve wine bottles very carefully


The last thing a winery wants to do is to have their visitors taste oxidized opened wine bottle. Visitors come for the tasting experience so most likely they will not come back if they can tell that the glass they were offered was not well preserved. There are a variety of options when it comes to preserving wine bottles, but the most popular choice among wineries is automated wine dispensing and preservation system. This machine preserves wine bottles for 30-60 days at the ideal temperature and dispenses wine with a simple press. It is a smart solution that preserves and serves wines. It will enable you to offer a premium wine by the glass program with ease, or wine flight will be great too!

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7. Provide a unique experience


Like we mentioned above, a great experience is everything to visitors. A great experience will make customers wanting to go back. Get creative and provide unique experiences besides wine tours. That will set you apart from other wineries.

8. Make visitors feel at home


If you do everything right, your visitors will feel comfortable and will be more likely to become your loyal visitor. Cheers!

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