Wineemotion’s Pizzeria Guide for 2018’s National Pizza Day

Each year, on February 9th, Americans rejoice over National Pizza Day to eat what is many peoples’ favorite dish. Whether it is Neapolitan, Chicago-style, deep dish or anything in between, pizza is undoubtedly an American favorite.

Pizza News

This past year Neapolitan pizza has become a part of UNESCO by winning World Heritage Status. The art of pizza spinning, originating in ancient Naples, has four distinct phases that involve preparing the dough, rolling it into the pizza, and baking it in a wood-fired oven while rotating it at regular intervals to ensure uniformity. Professionals trained in this art are referred to as "pizzaiuoli and according to UNESCO, Naples is currently home to over 3,000 pizzaiuoli.

Fascinating Pizza Facts

⦁ Pepperoni is the most popular pizza in America at 36% of all pies ordered.

⦁ Over 3 billion pizzas are sold in the USA each year.  Add another 1 billion on frozen pizzas.

⦁ 17% of all US Restaurants are pizzerias.

⦁ Antica Pizzeria da Michele, the first Pizzeria, opened in Naples, Italy, in 1738.

⦁ Gennaro Lombardi, the first Pizzeria in the United States, opened in 1895 in New York City.

⦁ Americans consume on average 23 pounds of pizza per person each year.Wineemotion’s Pizzeria Guide Gino Sorbillo

national pizza day

An authentic Italian pizzeria in New York City imported from Napoli. The pizzaiolo, Gino Sorbillo, is fairly unknown in the states, but in Naples, where the chef owns three restaurants, he’s a legend. People debate whether or not his pizza is worth the hours-long lines. He’s won awards for his pizza making and he was also one of the first Italian pizzaiolo’s to hop on social media, a moniker that’s helped fuel his celebrity in Italy.

Enzo’s Pizzeria

national pizza day

Enzo opened Enzo's Pizzeria & Italian Cafe in the summer of 2009, with a vision of creating Grand Junction's finest Italian dining experience. Enzo’s is committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients. All of their dishes are made from scratch and their finest wines are served from a Wineemotion wine dispensing system.

Pizzeria Locale

national pizza day

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Pizzeria Locale Boulder is the creation of the Frasca founders, Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson. Pizzeria Locale opened its doors in January of 2011 with the inspiration of combining the best of Naples and Boulder, Colorado. They partner with a number of top-tier producers in Italy and Colorado to source the finest ingredients and equipment. They are proud supporters of many local family-run farms.

MoMo Pizzeria & Ristorante

national pizza day

MoMo’s ever evolving Chef-driven menu is fresh and unique. They use only the highest quality ingredients that are house crafted and locally sourced, (when they don’t come straight from Italy). Their Neapolitan style pizza is made from Farina “00” Italian, wheat flour, hand tossed and baked in a stone hearth, wood fired oven. Enjoy their mouth-watering pizza, Wineemotion wine selections, and specialty cocktails.


national pizza day

Executive Chef Nicolette Manescalchi oversees A16’s menu, which features fresh pasta, house-butchered and house-cured meats and authentic Pizza Napoletana. Complementing the rustic fare, Wine Director Shelley Lindgren selects wines that highlight the indigenous grapes from Campania and nearby regions in this San Francisco pizzeria.

Via Tribunali

national pizza day

Via Tribunali, located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, has been called “more authentic than the pizzerias of Naples,” and even though that is a flattering exaggeration, it is fair to say that their pizzerias have grown out of an almost unnatural passion for the food and wine of Southern Italy.

Luckily for us in the last decade, many new authentic Neapolitan pizzerias have opened in the states. If you enjoy these Pizzeria’s share out them out with your friends. Happy National Pizza Day!

national pizza day

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