5 Spots for Wine Enthusiasts to Watch the Super Bowl



2018 superbowl
2018 superbowl

Patriots fans, Eagles supporters: Congratulations, your team is headed Super Bowl LII. Now it is your duty to support your team until they achieve their ultimate goal, that of  becoming Super Bowl Champions.

In case your feeling lazy and wont be hosting a Super Bowl party this year, we bring you the best places across the nation to hangout, sip some quality wine and watch this fantastic event.


⦁ Buckminster Hotel, 645 Beacon St, Boston, MA

Treat yourself to contemporary American cuisine for the Super Bowl game in the heart of Kenmore Square at the Fenmore Grill restaurant in Boston.

Located next to the hotel lobby, this stylish eatery is a perfect spot to catch the final football game of the season and support your team in a place with a great mood and excellent Wineemotion wine list.

2018 superbowl

⦁ Craft Grill Restaurant, 25219 Kuykendahl, Tomball, TX

Looking for a fine Grill Restaurant in Texas?

The Craft Grill Restaurant offers a large variety of homemade dishes, including numerous mouth-watering burgers. You can also find drinks like beers, spirits or fine wines offered in a
Wineemotion dispensing system.

You will feel an entertaining atmosphere specially created for the Super Bowl. All of these components are guaranteed to give you the most epic Football game ambience in Texas.

2018 superbowl
2018 superbowl

⦁ Local Union, 271 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA

The Local Union, a family-owned restaurant in Palo Alto, will give you a welcoming atmosphere to drink quality wines and eat some tasty homemade meals. This is a great place to go to watch sports games, as the Super Bowl.

Moreover, you can ask for a fine glass of wine from a bottle showcased in the sleek designed Wineemotion dispenser.

They strive to create a local experience that is flavorful, healthy, and enjoyable. If you are located in the Bay Area, this is for sure, the place you should go to watch Super Bowl LII.

2018 superbowl

⦁ iTalico, 341 South California Ave, Palo Alto, CA

Are you looking to have a good time in an Italian restaurant?

You should go to iTalico. The mix of Italian specialties and an important football game will certainly gift you a memorable experience.

At iTalico you can expect fantastic Italian wines served in our Wineemotion dispensing systems, high-quality authentic ingredients making you will feel as if you were in Italy watching the Super Bowl.

2018 superbowl

⦁ Wi-bar, Terminal C, LaGuardia Airport, New York, NY

2018 superbowl

If you are a frequent flyer and also a football fan, you will be surprised to know that you can watch the Super Bowl at LaGuardia Airport. Located in the Terminal C, Wi-Bar will provide you with a wonderful wine tasting experience before your flight.
Wi-Bar offers a tremendous range of wines which you can taste on your own will be offered to you, like a glass of a pleasant wine self dispensed by the Wineemotion machine.

You will also love the various range of dishes, which can be ordered on a tablet. All is automated to give you an outstanding Super Bowl experience.

This blog was created as an original Super Bowl guide for all you wine lovers out there. If you enjoyed it or found it useful, share It!

2018 superbowl

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