Wine Tasting, Try Before You Buy… Helping Grow Sales

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Wine retailers are applying their own twist to the wine tasting method to grow sales and it is paying off big. Technology like WineEmotion’s Quattro+4 wine dispenser provide a platform for consumers to taste before they purchase.   

US Wine Sales have grown steadily since 2009. More importantly sales per case have grown at a considerably fast rate (adjusted for inflation). This means consumers are growing more apt to purchase high priced wines. Several factors can be at play here but I don’t want to bore you with a discussion on economics. Wine Tasting or Sampling is a big contributor to consumers’ comfort with higher priced selections.

From free samples to wine bars designated for wine tastings, retailers are utilizing this method to grow their revenue per unit. One particularly exciting technology aiding in this growth is commercial wine dispensers. Wine dispensers, like WineEmotion™ USA’s Quattro+4, preserve and dispense wine-by-the-glass for up to 8 different wines at the perfect serving temperature. Retailers can serve to consumers or consumers can get a user card and directly serve themselves.

Gelsons Wine Tasting

Gelsons Fine Grocer in Long Beach uses WineEmotion wine dispensers to provide wine tastings for customers.


Grocery Stores and Wine Retailers are some of the first to adopt this technology. Florida’s premiere wine retailer, ABC Wines and Spirits, incorporates wine dispensers into several of their locations. Customers have the option of tasting various wines while they browse the store. ABC displays the Quattro+4 near its premium wines marked above by the phrase “Sip, Swirl, Savor: Try it before you buy it” and consumers are obliging.

California fine grocer, Gelson’s opened its newest location in Long Beach, CA with a Quattro+4 at its wine bar devoted to tastings from its featured selections. The grocer serves and entertains patrons while educating them on their “unmatched selection of wines…”

Long Beach resident and Gelson’s shopper Christopher Yonan comments, “I like the fact that I can have tasting sizes of new wines before I purchase. More often than not, I end up bringing a bottle of each wine I taste home.” He goes on to say, “it helps me make a confident purchases, my wife loves it.”

Located in the Mid-West, Hy-Vee Food Stores have added a full service restaurant and bar (Market Grill) to several of  its stores. The restaurant offers a wine-by-the-glass program with labels available for purchase in the store. This concept has proven valuable for other grocers like Whole Foods Market but was not available in the Mid West until recently.

ABC Fine Wine

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits in Florida offers customers a chance to taste premium wines they would be otherwise apprehensive to purchase blindly.


As wine’s popularity climbs we can be sure retailers will devote more resources to marketing. Vineyards have used the wine tasting method for decades. Entire venues are devoted to attracting consumers for weekend getaways to sample wines.

Now neighborhood retailers are following suit and it’s paying off. Local residents can easily pop in, try out a particular wine and take home their favorites.

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