Wine Dispenser & Preservation

A Smart Solution to Eliminate Wine Waste, Spoilage, and Over-Pouring

Dispense in 3 Controlled Measures

Stop over pouring with accurate controlled pour measures set according to your preferred serving volumes. You can conveniently serve wine by the glass with little to no effort while pouring the perfect volume for each serving. Start offering a wide variety of premium wine by the glass with three tasting options!

Preserve Opened Bottles – 30 Days

Eliminate wine waste and spoilage by saving your uncorked wine bottles in the perfect temperature for both red and white wines. The system preserves your wine with Argon or Nitrogen Gas for 30 days with advanced technology that eliminates cross contamination of the wine bottles.

For Behind-the-Bar or Self-Serve

If you would like to have the full control over the operation, the systems can can operated by staff only with activation key card for behind the bar use. As in self-serve option, you will be able to provide a unique wine tasting experience to your customers with our smart cards.

Ideal for Small Businesses

Ideal for Medium – Large Businesses

For Whiskey & Spirits

Why Choose Wineemotion?

With an ever growing line of products and customizable features, Wineemotion is the most advanced and reliable wine dispenser system for customers looking to actualize and represent their vision. Take the profitability of your wine program to the next level by upselling your customers to premium wine by the glass.

Created to enhance the passion and experience of fine wine through research and technology, Wineemotion advances how wine is sold and served internationally.

Achieve better operation management and increase revenue with Wineemotion.

Solution for Every Commercial Operation

Country Clubs
Retail/Grocery Store
Event Center

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